Whats with this 1 ounce limit bullsh*t in all of these legalization attempts?

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  1. Whats the problem why I cant have as much marijuana as I want or need?Right now I can go to the liquor store, buy as much liquor as I want. Buy as many cartons of nasty stinky deadly cigarettes as I want and smoke 15 of them at once till I cough up my lungs. Theres no "one drink limit" you can have with alcohol like the so called marijuana legalization bills out there try to do.

    I can buy 100 truckloads of liquor and just drink myself to death. Does this make me a TRAFFICKER? Does this mean im INTENTING TO SELL? Does buying all that liquor mean Im gonna sell it to KIDS? I can go to Walmart or some gun store and buy 1000 Ak 47's and trillions of rounds of ammo and thats supposed to be my 2nd amendment freedom. Its all perfectly legal and perfectly acceptable!

    Why do they get to have all these rights and freedom but people who like marijuana go to jail simply for possessing marijuana like theyre some kind of lesser being? All that other stuff kills people and its perfectly legal and acceptable so why cant I have the right to buy and use marijuana? Why should adults go to jail for using a substance thats safer than alcohol and peanuts and cant kill them?

    Telling marijuana users to be satisfied with less than 1 ounce possession limit is like telling gay people that they should be satisfied with civil unions instead of full marriage equality. Its like jailing gay people for being gay instead of executing them and telling them they should be satisfied. Its like telling black people to be satisfied that they can vote but their vote only counts as 3/5 of a person. Laws like this make no sense and its just FLAT OUT DISCRIMINATION!

    But for ADULTS over 21 going to jail for simply POSSESSING marijuana or using it in the privacy of their home is a whole different story!

    All I want is for marijuana to be legalized in any amount only for adults 21 and up like alcohol. I want to see marijuana stores where I can buy as much marijuana as I want the same way alcohol drinkers can go to the liquor store and buy their booze.

    I want to see coffee shops or whatever the marijuana equivalent of a bar is, eat pot brownies, drink a few cannakolas and watch the sports game just like people who go to bars to drink alcohol, socialize, watch the game and relax

    And last, simply decriminalizing marijuana possession is useless. Doing that is like decriminalizing crystal pepsi. You can have crystal pepsi but theres no where to get it. Same with marijuana. Marijuana is decriminalized in New York and people still get arrested for simply possessing it. none of the gas stations, liquor stores, head shops or supermarkets have it so decriminalization doesnt mean a damn thing since theres no place to get it.

    Being a marijuana smoker or Rastafarian in America is like being a jew in nazi Germany. its like being black in the south 150 years ago and Im just sick of it!

    Whats your opinion on this and why?
  2. My opinion is that being able to have an ounce of weed without legal repercussions has nothing to do with being a Jew in Nazi Germany or a black in the south 150 years ago and while stupid is a step in the right direction
  3. The whole global view on weed is not the same like yours. Please respect other toughts. Im no weed basher, but youre seriously missing the point. 1 ounce is enough for me, way enough and i dont see the point of having more. Again the weed isnt same region as alcohol or coffee(legal), its with rest of the drugs(illegal) Sadly, TV made us think its just bad.
  4. Because people still believe the govt's classification of schedule one, meaning it is a dangerous, addictive drug with no medical benifits. There has been so much propaganda and fear mongering since the 1930's relating to marijuana that the general public views it on the same level as heroin, pcp, and meth. Hell, before I was a smoker myself, I saw the above the influence adds on tv, paid attention in health class, and thought of pot as "the devils weed" until I was able to see through that bs. Unfortunately most of the general public is still at that devil weed stage.

    I would love to be able to posses as much pot as possible, but seeing as right now I can't possess even a single spec of cannabis, nor even that of hemp, which doesn't contain the evil druggy bits, without ruining my life, an once is most definitely a step in the right direction!

    And just an aside but, I disagree with your assertion that stoned driving should remain illegal. There have been a multitude of studies showing that cannabis use has little to no effect on traffic accidents. That is my problem with the WA legalization effort anyway. But again, thats still so so so so SO very much better than the current situation. And remember, a step in the right direction makes it much easier to follow...
  5. Go get an ounce everyday then
  6. Insignificant complaints like this thwart legalization attempts. Weed will be much easier to purchase, totally unlike now where it may take calling up two or three shady characters to locate a bag, thus buying an ounce a day really isn't a big deal. I would guess that an ounce would last most people here at least a week (unless you're Wiz Khalifa), thus it really isn't a hassle.

    There are misinformed people against cannabis out there, and just like the medical movement was spawned to be a compromise with the misinformed, any legalization movement will contain compromise that can be changed later. Just vote for any legalization movement in your state, and once it is through the door start worrying about the fine tuning.

    Plus, in the case of the "marijuana DUI" in some of these legalization bills, a good lawyer can get you off as science promotes the fact that marijuana stays in the system for upwards of 30 days. This is not unlike the civil forfeiture of money due to "traces of drugs" on the bills being revoked, as statistically a large amount of money has drug traces on it.
    The insignificant complaints over legalization bills and the petty fueding of legalization activists is a large part of what is holding the movement back, vote YES on any and all legalization bills.
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    I'd rather be able to legally have an ounce than illegally have as much as I want at any given time and risk fines or possible jail time if I go over the limits for decriminalization in my state. That would still be a step in the right direction.
  8. You realize you're telling this to a bunch of people on a MJ forum that already think this way?

    You should be telling people where it'll actually matter, not a bunch of stoners sitting online that can just nod their head.

    Tell someone that can do something about it.
  9. driving while cooked isn't even an issue it's just like driving normally
  10. Does anyone really smoke an ounce a day? I understand that if the world was perfect, there should not be a limit. But just look at the way we have it now, we can buy NONE legally. So really, any amount a day would be a step up from how it is now. Besides, I think an ounce a day is a reasonable limit.
  11. If any of these measures pass it will be by a close margin, so limits are a very good thing as far as I'm concerned. If the bill said you can possess as much weed as you want, its possible none of them would've made it to the ballot to begin with. I don't get your 'all or nothing' reasoning. Restrictions such as quantity and age limits are what is going to help these pass. And not all of the US is as hard on mj as wherever you are from. Its ignorant to infer your location's mindset to the entire country. There are plenty of places in the US where cops don't care if you smoke as long as you keep it behind closed doors.
  12. because 1 ounce is better than 0. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  13. Yes. It's important that these pass now and then the parts that are stupid, like the 1 oz limit will be changed pretty quickly.

    Who needs more than an oz. at a time anyway? You can just buy it, take it home, and then just go buy more anyway.
  14. If you've looked into any of the laws already on the books in "decriminalized" states since the 1970's, the limits are often 40+ grams. (Because that is what we are talking about, NOT "legalization" if there are quantity limits.) The drug war flourishes under a system of de-crim still. To date, the collateral damage and the harshest of the harshest sentencing has been mostly minorities who have never had a true shake in our "legitimate" economy, and needing to make a living and feed their kids, they turn to the black market (an ironically apropos name.) No one gives a shit to date under the "not my problem" mantra.

    Also, keep in mind not many people really look into what happens after "offense number one." What happens then? Do the penalties suddenly go up astronomically? Yes.

    One example from our "decriminalized" state that our Supreme Court actually ruled in favor of is including mother fucking BONG WATER as admissable as a drug in court. So they bust you with an ounce of pot and some water in your bong and *poof* you are suddenly royally FUCKED.

    Think about it. Has anything "good" come out of our political system pertaining to pot? Have they seen the light?
  15. Who's gonna take the risk to be a dealer or grower? It still has to come from somewhere. Unless you're OK with such people getting put in prison for something you enjoy, you might reconsider your stance on that. As I mentioned above, minorities and anyone left out of the "legit" economy will take the risk, and they will be punished severely. You want that on your conscience? :cool:
  16. I think you should make your point and quit with the whiny editorials. Leave the fucking guns, booze, cigs, gays, kids, schools, pepsi, etc. out of it. You ought to be banned for those remarks about jews in nazi germany and blacks in the south. Go start your own initiative somewhere if you don't like it.
  17. Because people who have over an ounce are usually dealers
  18. And your weed magically grows itself and lands on your doorstep from the "weed fairy?" :confused:
  19. Lol wut, are you talking about people who grow? :L
  20. Who needs more than an ounce on them at any given time? If you can legally possess and ounce then get an ounce. Once you run out just buy more. It's not like you're going through a whole OZ every single day. If you are you need to stop smoking asap.

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