What's with the small torches

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  1. Really, what's with all the crem brûlée torches? So few have what I'd consider a real torch, like a bernzomatic which I have. I see videos of ppl spending 25+ seconds heating their nails. Mine takes 13 seconds to reach an even red glow from a cold start. Lol are these all kids trying to hide it from their parents?
  2. I have a Vector torch. Is that a crem brulee torch?

  3. I'm referring to small handheld torches. I bring it up for the fact that waiting 20-30 minutes for a heat up sounds nuts, I'd get very impatient.
  4. Just got my Ti nail, rig and Vector torch. How long should it take to heat my Ti? Been doing it for 60 seconds because that's what my LHS said to do..

  5. Thru my experience I've found that a titanium nail is properly heated when there is a solid even orange glow around the rim and extending partially south of the rim. Not necessary for the entire head to glow evenly. 60 seconds is def wayyy too long. Mine takes 13 seconds but I have a stronger than average torch. It seems like weak ones will do it within 30 seconds
  6. Are you referring to a benzo propane torch? As in the 12$ one at home depot. Leave those for the tweakers man..they give off carbon-monoxide which is not good indoors and there is a lot of dispute about propane oxidizing titanium much much quicker than using butane. If your using a Ti nail and you heated it over 25 times, im going to guess your nail has begun to oxidize.
  7. propane torch on the TI supposedly creates titanium oxide which isn't good for you.
    so no propane. little torches=butane.
    vector torches ftw

  8. can you verify that after 25 uses its begins to oxidize, or no...
  9. Not sure if your trying to be a fucking smartass here, but no i dont have anyway to verify that. Thats why i said im going to guess. If your one of the clueless ghetto kids dabbin with propane, more power to you. Oxidize that Ti and die! Im just trying to look out for peoples health here. If your being sincere, and not a pretentious douche, then i apologize.
  10. Yeah dude go vector, I got the gold one :cool:
    Only $60 and it takes like 10 seconds tops to heat up my nail
  11. You sure, man? I have a $60 Vector and my Ti takes around 60 seconds to get orange..
  12. Haha I'm sure. Both mine and my friends nail get orange at around 7-10 seconds. hold it so the end of the blue flame is touching the nail
  13. HI, Friend's

  14. Anyone have a Blazer torch? Just got the micro but i wanna get a Big Shot too
  15. Thats way too long it doesn't need to all be red hot to take a dab, 20-30 seconds tops I would say (never actually counted? lol). As long as one side of the nail has gotten orange the titanium will hold heat long enough to wait a few seconds and still be able to take a dab.

    If you have smoke coming off the nail when your done you didn't get it hot enough, but no need to get it totally hot.

    I have the Bed Bath and Beyond version of the Vector torch.
  16. I'm serious dude. I just checked the box and it's a Vector Nitro. My Ti nail is brand new, so maybe I need to season it a bit or maybe it's just a big nail. It's 18mm and pretty thick.
  17. Yup, this happened today as my Nitro was running out of butane. I still got a hit but not as big as I thought. Then I saw smoke rolling off the nail..

    How many pumps to refill an empty Nitro? I dislike butane squirting and sh*t when refilling just because I don't like dealing with chemicals at all.
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    [quote name='"camram"']

    I'm serious dude. I just checked the box and it's a Vector Nitro. My Ti nail is brand new, so maybe I need to season it a bit or maybe it's just a big nail. It's 18mm and pretty thick.[/quote]

    I don't know which one is the nitro but I have the big one.

    Edit: ok so yeah same torch, and I'm using an 18mm also. Not sure what to say man, turn it up to full? haha

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  19. Yeah we have the same torch. Do you have some crazy expensive nail? Mine was $50 and pretty much the standard Ti nail you'll find in LHS around here in Colorado.

    I use it on the lowest setting for safety.
  20. That's probably why it takes you forever to heat your Ti


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