what's with the lil wayne haters?

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  1. so, to me it seems almost everyone on here has something against lil wayne. personally i love lil wayne, but i'm not saying everyone else has to. i'm just wondering...why so much hating? like, what makes him any worse than other rappers out there? i know there has to be some people on here that like rap.
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    music hall?

    but anyways...i dig lil wayne exept for his radio shit, lolipop and mrs.officer(no disrespect to you) are the wackest joints i have ever heard (as a matter of fact the whole carter3 was kinda wack), but i can bump the drought 3 or the dedication 2 all day tho
  3. He's soft as fuck and acts like he tough.
  4. imo he simply posses little to no talent.
  5. It's the money they hate, not weezy.
  6. cuz u havnt gave em a chance...turn off ur radio and download the drought 3
  7. He has an annoying voice.
  8. dude who cares, hes black and succesful, let it be. i dont understand why so many ppl hate him, you call him fake, but dude all rappers to a certain degree are fake.
  9. He blows. Weak rhymes, boring beats, shallow lyrics. Shitty voice, huge ego, over-hyped, really generic.
  10. I hate him because.....

    1. His voice annoys the fuck out of me.
    2. His samples suck.
    3. The majority of his fans are wiggers and have terrible taste in music.
    4. Mainstream rap blows, and has for some time now.
  11. for 8 months i worked construction with a guy who would listen to either country or rap (no lie) and when it was rap we were listening to, it was either The Game, Lil Boosie, but primarily Lil wayne. and seeing as how he had seniority, i couldnt change the music,

    he had his chance, my opinion is final.
  12. i just hate how is fans brag about him being the best rapper ever when he is far from it.
  13. naaah man what are you 12?

    waynes not even that rich, there are plenty of much much richer artists to hate on.

    waynes aight. i hate his fans more than anything. punk ass shitheads goin 'weezeh f bebehhh best rapper alive you just hatin cuz he stacks more papehs den you LOLOLOLOL' on youtube comments

    its fuckin retarded
  14. This is also true.

    Not like we BIGGIE fans.
  15. i hate them dudes too...i mean i listen to wayne but i dont buy into that radio shit...most people just fallow the leader, and dont really listen to the music and that prolly what bugs me the most...my homies always bug out on me cuz i'm always listening to some diff. rap shit that isnt being overplayed on the radio, and i try to show them some good shit, but it always goes in one ear and out the other they would rather listen to t-pains ugly ass

  16. that pretty much sums it up.
  17. i have been known to bash wayne in these debates but im gonna defend him here. he is anything but generic. there are zero artists like him.
  18. I give you that, his beats and his lyrics are not Generic, but he is.

    We have seen this kind of rapper way too much.

    Lil Jon ruled the rap world for a while
    Then Swishahouse (Paul Wall,Slim Thug,Mike Jones)
    Now, its Lil Wayne.

    In 3 years everyone will look back and be glad the ride is over with.
    Like 99% of his fans are 12-29 year old White Woman.

    Just a Poor Mans 2 Cents
  19. lil wayne is a little fucker. all he does is steal beats and rhymes from other rappers.

    also he shouldn't act tough when half the people in the world could punt him across a football field

    and also FUCK LIL BITCH WAYNE.

    and his laugh is like a pig squeel.

    Freestyle fellowship is where its at son
  20. i think the reason so many people hate lil wayne is because he just flat out sucks at rap. he cant write shit for songs. he goes on 1st and 10 frontin like he knows sports. his hair is stupid. his face is stupid. his tats are stupid. other than that im sure he's a cool dude

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