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Whats with the hate toward schwag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JakeDB, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Right, so I've been chiefin for like four years give or take, and I still dont know the answer to this. Why does everyone talk shit about schwag? I mean, yeah its a way different high than some droski or even some corn, but you get way more for way less, you still get high off of it, and there is some FIRE ass schwag out there. Before anyone starts runnin their mouth about how I don't know good weed from dirt, I'm usually smokin on corn, northern lights, ak, sour diesel, and purp. What I'm sayin is, I know my bud.

    Anyone care to share their thoughts on this?
    Also, how much do you pay for your schwag and how much do you get on a dime, dub, half o, o, and qp?

    In Hurst, Texas heres what I get:

  2. cus its schwag? :rolleyes:
  3. Lol is this seriously a thread topic?

    Schwag wouldn't exist if Mexicans didn't flood the US. I can promise you that. What's the problem with schwag? Well first of all, say if you got a bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend... you would want them to be somewhat perfect. What if they were grown terribly and looked all shriveled and sick? Same thing. Both are plants.

    Brick weed kills me man. Absolutely. They brick it up because it's easier to transport of course... but still. You can take schwag seeds and grow dank ass chronic from them. Why settle for schwag? Doesn't get you NEAR as high. Hell some schwag just gives me headaches. Mids or Chronic or I'd rather pass it up... and this is from someone who hasn't missed a day (until this passed week) for 4 years.

    No need for schwag. It STINKS literally, horrible aroma... terrible highs... takes toooooo long to break up. Seeds? All over. Seeds in blunts or joints = more headaches and bad taste. If weed is passed in the US for medicinal purpose, it's meant for weed that's grown right and taken care of right. Schwag is neither of those. Terrible question Jake! lol:smoke:
  4. Because in reality, quality really does trump quantity.
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    What's with you love of schwag:confused:. Even with a very low tolerance, it's not really worth buying. It smells crappy, looks crappy, smokes crappy, and gives a crappy high. Just throw down the extra money for dank for even some decent mids. Trust me it's worth it. I would take an 1/8 of the dankest over an O of schwag for 50 any day.
  6. You must get some dirt when you buy it then. The shit I get here has me floored after two blunts. Yeah, I PREFER dro or another type of better weed, but if I can't get anything else I'm definitely buyin a dub of some fire reggie. Plus, theres times when I dont want to pay 20 bucks for ONE gram.

  7. when it's 20 bucks a gram facing 20 grams for 20 bucks not really man

    also i dont know about the rest of texas but down where i'm at the schwag isnt too bad. i never even seen any actual brown weed till i saw it on gc.

    but it's up to how picky one is. i'm pretty much happy with any kind of weed. i just really like weed
  8. Let's see some pics if you got em cause maybe what you're calling schwag isn't what everyone means. Some places the bottom-end weed only gets so bad. Real schwag is flat, brown, full of busted seeds and smells like underneath and old bathroom cabinet w/ a leaky pipe in there for like 50 years or it might have a really sharp smell like ammonia or cat piss.

  9. My point exactly. There are WAY too many picky stoners out there. I have NEVER got brown weed. Not once in four years. Dark green with orange maybe, but no brown. Next time I get a sack, I'll put a pic up.
  10. Ok i can understand not wanting to pay 20 for a g. But can't you get some good mids? still cheaper than dank? And if I have to smoke 2 blunts to get high, I wouldnt buy it. That's just me. Also dont like the high from schwag. More of a headache sometimes.
  11. Well.. a fair question to ask is have you smoked high grade/medical bud before? The high is SO much different from schwag... that alone is enough to keep me away from the cheap stuff.

    Even mid's (which are usually fair priced) give me a much cleaner, longer high.

    Schwag highs are short lived, stinky, and just a pain breaking up. I've been spoiled with some top shelf dank in my young life already.. so I just refuse to smoke weed if it's god awful. I'll admit there's some "schwag" out there that's pretty good reggie. Some that I'd smoke fatass 2 gram blunts of definitely. But my preference is definitely mids first, chron if I've got the moolah.
  12. Oh dont misunderstand. I get high of one joint. Two blunts get me FUCKED.
  13. Ok, that wasnt clear. But I still stand by what I said, I personally don't like schwag, and that's just my opinion. I think it's just a shitty high, amongst other things.
  14. Haha well in that case, your tolerance is probably low enough to enjoy a decent high from some low grade. As you progress and become a devout stoner, your preference of weed will definitely change. In my prime, I could have faced a fat blunt of schwag and probably barely got high. Now, I probably would get pretty high since I've had to take my first week+ break ever lol.

    It's alllllll about tolerance and the size of your body really. Once it catches up with you, you'll want to upgrade.

  15. no pics but to give you an example i can get a dub with 5 or 6 seeds total, it sticks to my finger and when breaking it up by hand it always rolls together into wee balls so you have to like doubly break it up. idk it makes pretty good sense to me

    heres an decent pic i found

  16. Well, like I said, I'm usually smokin on popcorn(which would be mids I guess). When I have the money, I'll buy dro or purp. No, I haven't had medical MJ before, and yes I know the schwag high has a dirty feeling to it. Im just sayin it's not as bad as everyone seems to think it is. At least around here its not. Cant speak for anywhere but my hometown.
  17. Agreed.
  18. I'm not gonna lie. Despite smokin for four years, I am a light weight. Plus, I weigh maybe 125-130ish.
  19. Keep your schwag, i'll enjoy my terpenes.

    Can't get limonene or pinene in schwag.

    I also enjoy not having to smoke a gram per hour to feel something.

    1 hit = 1 hour of high
  20. That means your tolerance is probably low. Which is a great thing. Enjoy it while it lasts. And if schwag gets you high, then keep tokin' man.:smoke:

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