Whats With The Brown Bits In This Bud?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Axilo, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hey GC, me and my mates are talking when we noticed some quite large brown flakes in out baggies, what are they? Really dry...like bone dry, flakey... And came already ground up... There are some small nugs in there... Cheers in advance... image.jpg
  2. It could be the dryness or could just be it's coloring. Never the same color, don't worry about what it looks like..If it smokes bad, then it's bad. That's what matters!
  3. looks like blunt scraps or something
  4. looks like ground up trim haha.
  5. It does look a little bit like tobacco actually. The pictures blurry tho.
  6. That's either dry leaf or tobbacco.
  7. Looks like blunt pieces, burnt weed leaves, dead tree leaves, or tobacco....
    Who knows man, not the best looking bag, so theres no telling what it is.
  8. Looks like tobacco and some bad shake.
  9. If it came already ground up, it's cut with something else.
    I would pick out the brown bits and just smoke the weed

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