What's with someone being watched by the cops?

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  1. When cops are "watching" someone, what does that exactly entail? (and i mean being watched as in the people don't know they are being watched) Is it mostly under covers that periodically roll by and check on you or what?

  2. For example, if they suspect a house selling drugs, undercovera will periodically check to see if theres an abnormal amount of traffic and what not.
  3. Yeah, an undercover cop will chill in a neighborhood and watch the persons residence..

    they will see what type of people come and go...

    especially how long they stay for..... real good indication of dinner, or a drug deal..

    it will get to the point when people leaving your house will get pulled over, get asked questions and the cops will try to search the car..

    I have a close friend who was being watched by our citys PD for about 3 months, and have seen this first hand..
  4. right on thanks, do they have any way of overviewing any communication such as email or texts? I always wonder how far they can go before it starts infringing on those kinds of privacy acts.
  5. these krackas will tap ur phone, post up a unit on your street, stop people coming from your house, try to get your friends or family to snitch you out, also beware the "stealth unit" a car they have also watching you in case you discover the first one. they go through your mail, look through your trash, try to catch you slippin when your out driving, ive seen em pose as UPS men so they can see inside your house/smell weed so they can enter without a warrant. after all this shit it only takes a minimum amount of evidence for a shady ass judge to sign a warrant then they will tear your house up.

    edit: if none of this shit works they will watch your friends with the same shit and try to bring one or all of you down on "rico" charges. aka conspiracy
  6. ive heard some shit about cops tapping into nearby cellphones via bluetooth. but.......its probably a myth.
  7. The actions taken by police are to the limit of their resources, in many cases. A lot of police departments don't have a FLIR, or don't have the ability to check your texts, but any station can dig through your trash, or stake out your house.
    I hate to make you paranoid, but assume the worst and hope for the best. Don't take too many risks. Be prepared.
  8. The muthafuckas just creep on you.
  9. You see, you gotta fuck with them. If you knows of a cop thats watching your house, creep that motherfucker out. Start a bonfire out back and burn up a bunch of leaves and he'll think its a fucking rastafarian reunion. Then you got them.
  10. if you have any suspicion at all that the cops are watching you, try to find out within the week and cover all your tracks. if you still have that "feeling" stop for a while. better safe than sorry bro

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