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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JRilla, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. My parents think im a drug addict...what the hell?

    For the past few days, my parents have been acting weird, and thinking I smoke weed and shit. It all started last week, when I took a big nap after school. My mom and dad are saying "Why the hell are you sleeping, what did you do today?" I tell them im just tired and stuff, the usual. My mom then says, with a jokingly..yet serious voice "What drugs have you been doing thats making you so tired?" I just tell her nothing and that im just tired.

    So, on Saturday, I was hanging out with my freinds, and we go to the mall that night. My mom was already pissed from what happened earlier that day. At the mall, I call my mom around 8:30, to tell her im gonna sleep at my freinds house. She goes crazy and says "No! Your fucking coming home now, meet me infront of Best Buy, im coming to get you now." I dont know what the hell is up her ass, so I just go wait for her. She comes with my dad, and we ride home. My mom says "If you think im kidding around, im not, cause im about ready to take you for a drug test." My heart started pounding and I ask her why. She just says you better watch what you do.

    So right now, im just pissed. Missed a fucking great night of getting high with some freinds..

    Why would my mom all of a sudden think I smoke..there is like no clues or anything.

    Thanks for any input guys, im sure someone here has been in this kind of situation.
  2. Damn man, that's insane. Have u left a pipe at home where they could find it or anything? I've never heard of any parents becoming suspicious because of their child takin a nap after school. Maybe someone tipped them off.
    I would just be extra careful and make sure you keep your eyes white and everything.

    Good Luck
  3. No man, thats why its making me think. There is honestly no clues. I just started smoking about 2 months ago, and I only do it about once a week. Last time I did it was last friday. Only thing I have in my room is just some lighters, which my mom wont be able to find. A good freind of mine holds our stuff. Weed, bongs, ect ect.

    Hopefully tomorrow ill be able to smoke some, maybe it will get my mind off of things.

    Thanks for the input. Happy smoking. :)
  4. Dude, trust me, a low tolerance like that is gold. I can smoke an 8th a night easy if I want to. I don't get where they're coming up with "drug addict". Once a week is like having a few beers on a saturday to kick back because its the weekend. If anyone I know tried to say that, I would just look at them funny and laugh, because they don't need a test to tell them what I can.

    I've been through so much shit man, I actually have an excuse to smoke weed for my stress, anxiety, and other plethora of issues.

    It seems like your parents are misinformed. In the time I've smoked, about 5 years now, I've taken many long breaks to make up for the time I spend smoking so much...breaks around 6,7, and 10 months. I've noticed that if I smoke once a week, It levels my head for that entire week...

    As far as, "taking you for a drug test", if they haven't found bud laying around, pipes, papers, roach clips, or large clumps of tobacco from splitting a shell, they have nothing to worry about except you sleeping longer hours. I have extremely horrible trouble falling asleep, and I can only fall asleep easy from indicas...difficult when im dry. They should be worrying about you getting not enough sleep, instead of too much.
  5. I dunno if this'll help any but I know from experience that if you joke around and say shit like people acting like crack heads and stuff like that...and say stuff that makes them think u got alot of knowledge on drugs then they might get suspicious and then every little thing to them will be a clue.....

    Just lay back and act innocent for awhile...
  6. Well sorry to tell you but parents aren't stupid, they lived as well you know.
  7. Sounds like your parents have a case of large object stuck up the ass...

    If you really are 18 you can basically ignore them. As you are a legal adult and can go wherever the hell you want to go, etc.. My parents are more relaxed and I havent had to completely peace out on them like that, but I always can if it comes down to it...
  8. since u said u dunt smoke alot i dunno a few ways ive almost gotten caught..

    1) quick trips outside of the house..
    2) cloths smellin like it " lotsa cologne if its not normal for u"
    3) eating ALOT if its not normal for u =p
    ehh shit like that
  9. yea dude, this thing seems to happen with everyone. parents just know stuff...insanely enough. I dont really know how they do but it's some instinct shit that they have. I agree with the previous poster though: If you go out of your house a lot real quick and come back in smelling like cologne or something, it's pretty obvious that you been smoking cigarettes or sweet chronowana. I dunno dude I would just take a break from toking for a while, as I too am about to be fucked.
  10. I feel ya when it comes to bitchy parents. My parents used to bitch at me all the time when they suspected me of smokin. Eventually when I got out of High School my father thought I was old enough to know that he still smokes and was just waiting for the right time to tell me. Now I blaze in front of my parents all the time. My advice is this; wait a little while and your parents might come around. A little reefer never hurt anyone.

  11. 4) sleeping very early in the day

    i've broken all of those giveaways and still havn't been caught
  12. yea man the same thing happened to me ever sense i was suspended for a fight at school. my parent are always checking me when i goto or come home from a friends house. its fucked up. but what you gotta do is start spending more time acting crazy mature with your parents so they trust you. it worked for me but w/e try what you think is best
  13. Sounds like typical parent shit... happens to all of us. Parents know everything I swear. So ehh, whatever Im workin and gettin money togather to get outtie so in a year or 2 all will be good. :)

  14. 5) being around your parents high and just staring at a wall

    I used to do that, but now if I'm baked in front of them and im chillin in there.. I just stare at the tv even though I won't pay attention to it.
  15. Well if you can smoke grits just smoke a grit right beofer you come home stoned that or quit for a bit thats all i can tell you

  16. yeah man, if ur 18 or around 18, ur parents dont have anything on you. Fuck em'. if u only smoke once a week, then u wont miss it if u skip a week or two if they're going to drug test you. good luck..my tip, dont worry about it, just take it as it comes. If u think too much about it, then ull either want to smoke more..or u'll just be worried and make it seem worse than it is. and shit, u dont even have any weed related stuff in ur room...ur situation is not out of control, just play it..
  17. I'd be willing to bet they heard a conversation between you and one of your stoner friends... I know a lot of parents favorite pastime is listening in on their kids phone calls, I know my parents love too.
  18. What you have to remember is that the goverment has spent the last 20 years telling everyone if you take a toke you're gonna be a junky.Some people believe it,duh.
    Your olds have ways of finding out shit.My olds ran a members club in the town where I grew up, everyone in town who ran a bar knew who I was and I couldn't get served in a bar till I was legal.
    At least their showing an interest in you're wellbeing man.
    Can you not just be honest with them, it worked for me.
    I had a tokin session in Amsterdam with my mom, my two sisters and my brother ,that was a real high point in my life and wouldn't have been possible without perfect honesty.
  19. I think thats might of been how my parents got me, so if you have one attach a multimeter to your phone line, the voltage drops for each phone that is listening in.
  20. the same thing happened to me i took some Vicadin and shrooms and they started flipin out cause my eyes were diolated and crazyness like that

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