Whats with my mom?

Discussion in 'General' started by sccrub, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. My mom has smelled my stuff like 4 times after Ived blazed and she always says "one more time I mean it." Then like an hour later she acts like nothing happened. She used to smoke a lot when I was little. But she hasn't done anything cept a 20 second talk. She also found a pipe in my car and gave it back cause I said it wasn't mine, which it really wasn't. Anyone know why she might do this? Yesterday's history. Tomorrow's a mystery.
  2. Maybe you should ask her and have an open conversation about it, seems her being lenient could be her way of saying while I don't approve I understand or something. Get you some quality time in with mom and shit
  3. Your mom sounds like a talker no action type of person

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  4. if shes not reprimanding you for smoking weed , then she just wants to get it in your head thatr shes not ok with it , but accepts it in some way.
    you're her son/daughter (not sure) , she wants the best for you , and weed is still generally illegal , im sure if weed was legal shed be totally cool with it.
  5. all bark no bite? lol
  6. your moms crazy shes going to poison your breakfast
  7. I've also told her I'm not gonna stop for now until I have my 2 year completed. Yesterday's history. Tomorrow's a mystery.
  8. All meows no scratch
  9. My dad and step mom acted like they never knew, yet always busted me on my liquor. I'd come home and there's the bottle. Years later we talked and I said how funny it was that they always found my booze but never my weed. My dad laughed and told me that every time they'd find a bottle I'd move it. And since they were pinching my bag it was best if they just kept quiet so I didn't move it.... Figured I'd saved him a few thousand dollars over the course of several years. lol
  10. What do I do? Try and talk to her or?Yesterday's history. Tomorrow's a mystery.
  11. [quote name="EL-GATO-NEGRO" post="19378802" timestamp="1390284975"]All meows no scratch[/quote]But maybe a little hissing. >.> =^.^= Blurring the lines between what is Unreal and real.

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