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Whats With Kids These Days?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by restochesto, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm only 18, but all these other punk asses around me smoke weed and talk all this shit about how they smoke so much ganja and they're the best smokers ever and go through a qwop a day... and I'm just like... shut the fuck up, dude, respect the herb.
    What happened to respecting the damn herb, man?

  2. i don't know man but it seems too many people consume for their image
  3. kids are all thinking with their dicks and are getting pogressivly ley stupid i can see how old men/women hatte kids now
  4. OP is just mad Cuz he doesn't smoke as much weed as me
  5. it annoys me when people say kids these days. like their generation was the shit. lolol every generation has those 'few' tens of millions of bad apples. tis' a way of life. everyone learns at their own pace.
  6. well said
  7. I agree. Even as a kid, I was never one to act "sloppy". Dont understand why kids now a days have to try and put on a show.
  8. I think some young people are confusing Cannabis culture with alcohol culture. In alcohol culture its supposed to be a sign that you're more macho than all the others if you can drink them all under the table. Most smokers I've known have always had more of a respect for the herb, if for no other reason than it costs so damn much.
    I, personally, just like to smoke until I get to that "right place" and then stop, but to each his/her own.
  9. Weed is the "in" thing. I just finished my HS senior year, and i have a large group of smoking friends. A large portion of us, just chill out and smoke pot. Keeping to our selves, talking about the benefits of herb. Being well educated about it. Others in the group not so much. I guess it depends on the ego, a big ego pot smoker would be more likely to yell out shit about weed, just so people know you smoke.
    We call these people "420 blaze it faggots" (I apologize if I offended anyone.)
  10. Blazing 24/7/365 is nothing to brag about. I admit that i do it, but i'm not bragging or anything.
  11. knowing an not showing
    thats where its at.
  12. Those are the same kids that get arrested for an alcohol-related charge within 5 years of graduation. I 94% guarantee it lol, seen it happen time and time again.
  13. I get pissed off at little punks constantly trying to bum weed off me when me and my friends are at a fireworks show or a concert. No respect, no boundaries just straight up demanding that we let them smoke some of our weed.
  14. hahaha i was actually the OPPOSITE in high school, freshman year i tried everything i could to not let people know i smoke, but knowing my friends how they went about it, it was out then i just stopped giving a fuck. never talked about it in school though unless someone asked me. nowadays these punks thing they big cause they get faded off .5g's lmfao
  15. its turned into a game now me and my friends roll up to a party with a bag and theres always some kid thats like your shit sucks or that shit is shwag when they don't even know there smoking weed from a dispensary. 
  16. Just had a talk with my non smoking fiends about this and they now respect me for it since I shared my view on how kids who flaunt Ganga are idiots.
  17. It's the same everywhere. I got those boasting kids over here too.
  18. I would have told them: less boasting, more smoking. Exactly, the dank was way too strong. 
  19. Meh, I have seen lots telling they take 10 cigs a day lol
  20. It's the same with every generation. The new guys do it a different way and the old guys react, often badly. It's a social phenomenon, most easily seen in art and Literature, new trends and movements. Some of the older social scientists would have called it an "oedipal complex", the old generation being the father and the younger, the son. The son wants to kill the father according to Freud. 

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