Whats with all this Mumbo-Jumbo?

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  1. Hitman = if u wanna triple water filter ur errl
    Stemline = more diffusion, easier/faster hit of teh nugs

  2. So I guess ill go with the stemline. Got any suggestions on what accessories to buy with it?
  3. 1. Percolaters are just another lair of water filtration.
    2. Ash catchers attach to the downstem/downtube/same thing; and they also provide more filtration but more importantly catch the ash that falls through the hole in the bowl. (Precoolers are the same thing.
    3. Diffusers are a different type of downstem and have tiny holes at the bottom of the tube that make the smoke go through the water in tinier bubbles thus providing more surface area for the water to cool down the smoke.

    I hope that helped and wasn't just meaningless babble! :eek:

    I hope you have lots of fun times with your new bong!

  4. That was probably the easiest to understand THANK YOU! haha
    But thanks to the others as well:rolleyes:
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    where did i lose u here?
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    Haha well you never really told me what they did, just pictures. But thanks.

    So this is what im thinking of getting....

    Let me know what you blades think, and if I should get something else.

  7. to fully utilize the airflow/diffusion of the tube & a/c consider these:
    $28 Toro
    $32 Ben Wilson
    $36 2010bc
    $42 DD & IP (Tiniest-Largest) GMD *can be custom-made to resemble the work of the one u posted from GC

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