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  1. So I'm looking to buy a bong.
    And Ive been looking around and I think I found the one I want.
    But Ive been seeing all these spare parts like precolaters,ash catchers,precoolers,slides,diffusers,downtubes etc.

    So whats the point in all these things? What do they do? Are they really worth buying?
    Please HELP!

    Thanks Blades and Bladettes! :bongin:
  2. ash catchers, precoolers, and percs are all nice and add more filtration, but are not necessary by any means. idk exactly what a downtube is, but downstems and what you put the slide (bowl) into.
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    more filtration= smoother hits= less coughing= fatter rips

    Also drag becomes a issue with more chambers and filtration devices.
    The ultimate bong will have the least amount of drag and most filtration.
    A striaght bong will clear faster than a beaker bong due to the smaller chamber and straights also have slightly less drag. Beakers benefit from the extra chamber size, this means youll get more smoke=fatter rips.

    Also thickness and quality of glass plays a big part in purchasing a bong. The thicker the glass is good, cheaper glass(china) will be 5mm but a professional blown 3.2mm will withstand alot more abuse. Annealing is the process of kelm drying the glass to harden it. This relieves the the tension on a molecular level for the glass so it can absorb more shock.( not 100% sure on annealing tho)

    theres also scientific slides which measure 18mm or 14mm most commonly. ashcatchers will keep your tube clean for longer and also filtrates smoke. Ashcatchers are a gamble though, if its a quality ac then your good, but if its a cheap ashcatcher then your prob better off without it, since it creates more drag.

  4. Thanks, and Im looking to spend under $300
  5. And lets say I have all these things, How would I put all these together? Like what order?

    Thanks again!
  6. Personally for 300 id say get this... I personally dislike multiple perc bongs and with this tube there is no downstem so its less things to worry about.
    Sovereignty - STEMLINE - 50 x 5 mm Black Label

    or just google "Sovereignty - STEMLINE - 50 x 5 mm Black Label" it should be first link. This is a QUALITY site with QUALITY glass. Worth every penny imo.
  7. lol...:smoke:.....its a taste of what is to happen when weed is free federally-the commercialization of pot and its peripherals...
  8. Definitely get the SG Stemline.
  9. do a lot more research and then you decide what you want to get. look at lots and lots of pieces.
  10. And lets say I have all these things, How would I put all these together? Like what order?

    Thanks again!
  11. Stop being such a noob and READ THE DAMN THREADS! :devious: If you visit websites, look at people's pieces, watch videos, you can figure it out, no one needs to hold your hand. You are asking about smoking apparatuses, it's not rocket science.
  12. I still dont understand everything :confused:

  13. heres al you really need to know about water pipes:

    Think about it... the more water and air that the smoke passes thru to get to your lungs, the cleaner the hit right? this is diffusion, the passing of the smoke thru the solution i.e water. all these things you are hearing about either add another chamber of water or air that the smoke passes thru. Better chambers have more diffusion, which means smoother hit.

    For 300... the way to go is to make sure you have a diffused down stem, at least one perc with a good amount of diffusion, and an ice catch. Buy a bag to keep the bong safe or an ash catcher with a diffused stem in it with any extra cash you might have..

    Good brands for you to start looking at are hi-si, phx, ads, and actually for 300 you could just cop a tsunami, which i have and love :D
  14. precolaters,ash catchers,precoolers,slides,diffusers,downtubes

    Well, percolators are inside the main tube of the bong and filter the smoke, allowing for much smoother hits. There are different designs of percolators i.e. dome, tree, etc. They all do the same thing, and everyone has their personal taste for what they like best.

    Ash catchers attach to the downstem of the bong, where the slide usually goes. Ash catchers are pretty self-explanatory, they catch the ash from your hit. Usually you fill them with water, and the water catches the ash, but there are other designs. As someone above me said, you gotta be careful with ash-catchers, as cheap ones can make the pull horrible on a bong. These are mostly for people who don't wanna clean their bong as often.

    Pre-coolers come in many shapes/designs. Most often they are kind of like ash catchers, and attach to the downstem. You would fill it with ice/cold water, and it cools the smoke, allowing for smoother hits. Some bongs have notches in the main tube where you can place ice, which some people prefer to the pre-coolers. I find ice notches/pre-coolers can be somewhat of a necessity if you're getting a particularly large bong, as it makes all that smoke easier to hit like a champ.

    Slides are really more about aesthetics than efficiency. They go into the downstem, and you simply place your weed into it, and hit that shit! There are many creative slides you can buy, which is usually the biggest draw to even buying a slide. SALT is a popular slide artist that many people on GC, and stoners in general love.

    Diffusers are a bit tricky to explain. They can either be built INTO the bong, or part of your slide. If they're built into the bong, they'll come off of the downstem, into the base of the bong. If attached to a slide, it will just be put into the downstem, down into the base of the bong. Diffusers are tiny holes in the glass that are used to, again, filter the smoke. I've never actually used a bong with a diffuser, so I can't offer my personal opinion, but I've heard good things about them on GC.

    And, by downtubes I'll assume you mean downstems, which, I've pretty much already explained. :D

    Hope this helped dude, took me forever to write this shit. Gonna go blaze up now, I earned my high. :smoke:
  15. No way sir, as other people have already suggested you want to go with the Sovereignty Glass Stemline my friend. For the 300 dollar price range there is nothing that even compares. It rivals pieces in the 5-700 price range ie toros etc. Go with the Stemline!

  16. seriously
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDdOCFinpnQ]YouTube - Sovereignty worked stemline[/ame]
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    [​IMG]TS/OP and Just619 u can't post/quote links
    the hitman 3x 3-hole discs is a triple chamber oil rig

  18. So are you saying I should go with that?

    And what makes the Sovereignty so much better? From just looking at it, having no experience, it looks alot simpler than the Hitman.

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