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  1. i'm going to start this thread off with some baffling quotes i've read in this section

    yeah, this section has been being plagued by these nutjobs (don't really know how else to put it) lately and it's fucking hilarious but also sad, these threads and posts have nothing to do with philosophy or spirituality, this is shit that belongs on the david icke forum, or abovetopsecret

    believing in something that can't be proven is no different then religious fundamentalism or believing UFOs are aliens from another world, you all exhibit the same traits

    first off, where do you get this information? seriously i would like to know and every time i ask i get nonsense answers, and i know all's im going to get from these individuals in this thread are nonsense answers

    the only place i find all of this information is on websites where it's usually pictures of pyramids and constant use of terms like 'frequency' 'quantum physics' 'angels' 'chakras' 'ascension'

    we are all born into this universe with know knowledge of anything, all of the knowledge we accumulate is shit learned by other people, and it's been like this for everyone, there is nobody on this planet who understands the mechanics of the universe, a lot of people have ideas, which i like, but when these people take their ideas attach to them, and create vast ideologies (essentially religions, very similar) it becomes gross, it's dishonest
    because in honesty, none of you know anything, there are few absolutes compared to what's out there, and it is only those things that we 'know'
    when you go off spouting about how 'ascension is a science' you're spreading nonsense, and you're being dishonest, which is funny because dishonesty is counter-spiritual to an extreme degree

    everything is a perception, don't post on threads saying 'that's negative dude, that's positive' i've noticed many people look at a rational person expressing there ideas and calling them 'negative'
    positive = makes you happy
    negative = makes you upset

    if you're rational, things that are positive are things like honesty, things that are negative are things like dishonesty, to a hillbilly christian positive is believing in god, negative is not believing in god

    all of reality seems to be filtered through our consciousness, the only thing that helps us understand what reality is is SCIENCE it shows us objective reality, something that's proven via science is absolute for everyone, because a schizophrenic believes smashing a rock with a hammer creates rainbows doesn't make it true, what we know is true is that you can break a rock with a hammer, if you let the schizophrenic try the rock will break, it's not different for him because of what he believes, science dissolves myths, back in medieval times people didn't know that the story that the bibles promotes is impossible, now we know vast majority of the shit in the book is impossible, we also know it was passed down from word of mouth for years, translated and tampered with many times

    if something cannot be proven, it is an idea, no more, claiming things without proof is what is called 'lying'

    why this nonsense upsets me: well it's simply wrong, there are no scientific peer reviewed studies saying 'ascension is happening 2012!' we don't know if the planet will even exist a week from now, who knows what could happen, you attach to these ideas because you can't handle ignorance you have to know everything, well guess what no one knows everything, move on, this should of been a stage in your evolution as a person, but you can't free yourself of this insane attachment

    thinking scientifically (what i do) = questioning your beliefs constantly, always thinking 'am i bullshitting myself', suspending belief when looking into what someone else believes to see if it might be right (when i research philosophers or listen to say conservative radio, i try to see there perspective, i never tune into a conservative radio station thinking before even listening 'haha this is all nonsense' that's prejudging

    if you simply lack the power to question your belief systems then fuck, i don't know what you have going on but cool, just don't feel insecure and end up filling that hole with trying to get other people to believe you

    science is a way of thinking

    yeah there are certain things we do not know at this moment, but to say there are things we cannot know is bold, because you don't know that, we could have some crazy technology that can figure that out in the future, i personally don't know so i keep an open mind

    i've seen a lot of people say science isn't 'free' why? because they're not talking about 'ascension, 2012, and astral projection? these are things we cannot know
    we cannot know these things with what we have right now, so when it comes to knowledge, and absolutes, these are left out into the category of ideas

    i'm a scientific thinking person, does this mean i don't wonder what consciousness is? does this mean i don't wonder if life is perhaps a dream, i question quite often and i've come to the conclusion that i don't know if other people are even real, you all could be dream characters there are so many things we don't know, and chalking it up to 'oh bobby don't be silly, it's ascension in 2012 we're all going to ascend with our space spiritual masters and the reptilians will fall once again as the cycle continues we will have 12 chakras and we'll live in an enlightened society yeah you get it' chalking it up to that in my opinion is gross

    look where technology is leading
    nobody knows where it's leading but i'm young and chances are that if i don't die i'll get to see it unfold, it's extremely unpredictable and who knows whats going to happen next, there are so many people in the world and so many things going on that i can't even pay attention to all the small things if i tried, and in this i find beauty
    i don't find beauty in 'knowing' what's going to happen
    i find that to be a rather fearful state of consciousness, just being convinced this will happen then this will happen then bam we are enlightened, when you think like this you're closing yourself off to possibilities, closing yourself off to the input of other people who also have ideas, nope you just rely on checking the GFL website every weekend in hopes for a new update on what our space brethren are up to!

    in your post denial twist ill address a few things, i said religious fundementalists that'as who i was referring to, i am very aware of the difference between people who just say there christian so there families and think their evil, people who are christian because they see it as a path to a good life, and people who rape children and kill doctors, i'm not stupid

    as for my signature, i had forgot about that, i even forget what's in it (rarely use these forums nowadays)
    oh, hah hilarious, don't worry i kept an open mind to this, i wasn't dead set nothing was going to happen
    the post was made on September 24th, and i made the sig the day he posted it
    time flies that's for sure, but nothing happened and he was convinced it would happen, and it didn't
    you can't predict the future, even science can't even touch a prediction of that magnitude, so i knew absolutely that he was making shit up

    why are you claiming i don't believe meditation is beneficial? i never said such a thing, i love meditating, it helps me get a better perspective when i'm having trouble in life
    also fuck it

    Meditation may help brain tune out distractions
    Meditation may help brain tune out distractions | GantDaily.com

    How Meditation May Change the Brain

    Is Meditation the Push-Up for the Brain? Study Shows Practice May Have Potential to Change Brain's Physical Structure
    Is meditation the push-up for the brain? Study shows practice may have potential to change brain's physical structure

    feel free to try flame me, take out one sentence and reply with something stupid i don't really care, i just hope some people understand my perspective because this nonsense is getting out of hand..
  2. there should be a section for this kind of stuff lol, it goes against what this section stands for really..
  3. that was my favourite part.
  4. lmao fuckin
    and the one by ironlung dude shit that's crazy.

    literally my mind would have exploded if it made one fraction of a single sliver of sense.
  5. Smoke, Empathize, read. People have a way of converting life into mysticism when they don't understand things. Even some of the things you have said in your post are currently inaccurate scientifically. Man has attributed the divine/spiritual to things we don't understand since the dawn of time. It's like the little girl whose big brother told her about the boogie man. That night he tossed a ball into her room and BAM, proof! I like to look for the ball. If you find the part that people are basing some of these things off of you can understand how they got there. The hard part is to put yourself into their shoes, and instead of judging their position, imagine what it would be like to walk the world with that belief. You don't have to change the way anyone thinks so long as they are not at a detriment to themselves or others. For all us science types we just have to sit back and do what we do best, ask questions. Besides if it were not for the imaginative types of flawed logic humans would be a lot like the Vulcan race from star trek. No mystery, no magic, no romance in the journey of life. So just sit back spark up, turn your questions from hurtful (why are these people so stupid) to productive (How can I increase my understanding of my position and those around me to better the positions of us as a group) I like scientific brains but we must stay away from the dark side. Exclusiveness, piousness, false righteousness, believe in absolute understanding. All of these things can be really harmful to peoples personalities. Good luck on your journey though.
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    meh, you're being a tad unfair here. when someone says they think something is true that can't be proven, it isn't a lie. it's an opinion. if they tell you they know without a doubt that it's true then there is a lie there either to us or to themselves, but that's a slightly different question.

    i don't see a way to constructive discourse by calling people names.

    and that notion you quoted that some things can't be proved by science is dubious, and it's no wonder it frustrates you. if they could only say "right now" in the statement, there is no problem with it. just saying outright that it can't happen is likely to be a falsifiable statement at some point in the future.

    at one time it was thought we couldn't observe planets around other stars. i saw some rather interesting pictures today that put that one to rest.
  7. tldr

    doubtful that OP speaks authoritatively on science.
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    Ha that one made me laugh actually, but I agree with you! Well, for most of it; it was extremely long and without capitalization or punctuation I just can't read it all, after about half way through.
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    science is an important part of our culture.

    But science can only prove so much...... And when you get into the quantum, their not even sure how to explain it.

    90% of of entire day science cannot explain. I would love for science to give me the exact data and calculations for what we are capable in the spiritual realm. Perhaps someday science will, but not anytime soon.

    If you fall into deep meditation, love the women you know is the one, have an outer body experience, lucid dream, or have occasional telepathy occurrences......why need science to back it up? It's beautiful enough as it is.

    I love this video, Joe Rogan is the man, but almost everything mentioned in this video....science still cannot explain.

    Like he says, nobody is quite sure what the hell is going on, we can pretend we do with our science and what not, but the truth is science can only answer very very very little to all there is.

    Just watch this video, he hits on different topics, We don't know alot of shit, and science sure as hell doesn't know alot of shit. But maybe someday. Not saying science isn't important, just not for many many many things, especially in spirituality.
  10. Actually, OP, believing in UFO's isn't ridiculous . . . . at all.

    A UFO is a: Unidentified Flying Object

    I believe there are many flying objects that have not been properly identified, in fact, I know so.

    UFO's do exist. Maybe using different terminology would be better?

  11. i dont think so. "spirituality" is at its heart, the idea that there are things that cant be explained.

    in any case, yea science is everything. the reason is because science is order. without science, all is random. nothing happens for a reason without science. nothing happens because of a reason witout science.

    if being good gets you into heaven, that is science, because its a function.
  12. :cry::cry:awww....poor baby

    Nobody handed you back your dummy yet? If anyone can find kojo's dummy please hand it back. Child cruelty is never fun!

    It's the Hitler youth...

  13. Practically everything I see flying is a UFO. I don't know what that shit is.

    ^ are we supposed to get that or is it some kind of inside feud joke between the two of you
  14. an IFO is an an Identifiable Flying Oobject.
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    what are you talking about? lol you're the main person being addressed here and your the only one who leaves an insult rather then an opinion..

    science is what's provable via scientific method, nobody knows what happens after you die

    obviously you didn't read my post
    i wrote, actually I'll cut it right out
    'believing UFOs are aliens from another world'

    so imaginative types are people who are incapable of thinking within things that are already proven? if that
    imagination and being a 'scientific type' go hand in hand, if one was just an 'imaginative type' they would schizophrenic believing nonsensical things they make up, if one were strictly a 'scientific type' they would behave like someone with aspergers living in routines and scared of the unknown

    science isn't a dogma, so there isn't really anything to speak authoritatively on

    the spiritual realm? well we don't really know what it is, so labeling it something that implies it's some kind of unlogical thing is counterproductive

    telepathy, i have experienced because of the rules i cannot dwelve into how
    that is something very hard to measure with what we have now, but studies are being done, the university in my city has a professor Michael Persingerwho is really into mystical experiences and such, i think keeping an open mind is essential to things like this, labeling these things we do not know as 'ascension higher frequencies' is counterproductive

    out of body experiences, another very strange phenomenon i hope to see some actual public studies done on this soon, that Persinger guy might have already or someone else.. i'll have to go see him some time (apparently he's cool with people coming in during lectures to talk to him and let them participate in experiments like these one of my friends sisters has done it loads)
    a lot of people take bold approaches with these and claim consciousness is non-local and that life after death is absolute, i personally keep an open mind because i simply don't know know, i am a fan of Joe Rogans podcast, he is a rational person and always calls out guests when they speak non-sense, he has many people with wacky ideas on his podcast and never behaves in a close minded way, for example, Giorgio Tsoukalos from ancient aliens, Daniel Pinchbeck, Graham Hancock (not as far out as a lot of his stuff is based on science, but he goes deep in his theories and isn't as attached as Pinchbeck, or Tsoukalos)

    when people portray there ideas as absolute without scientific proof, it becomes false, these individuals do not start their posts with 'what if' they claim everything as absolute, i often enter the 'what if' realm and when i do i never claim things as absolute or establish a hierarchy of ideas

    as for the 'name calling' i could easily make a verbal attack on all of these people, calling them nut-jobs is more mild banter then anything, i don't hate them. i just feel they are being unreasonable

    i'm not saying these people should stop believing in what the believe in, but this is supposed to be a place for rational open minded discussion, this thread was made and stickies for a reason avoiding logical fallacies
  16. The point I'm trying to make is, many things cannot be proven by science. But this does not mean its not true.....

    Not label anything as false or truth, just take in the information.

    Many of the first astronomers were thrown in jail for life and tortured for life when they told their theories that science actually turned out to be proven correct. In jail your whole life, because he could not prove his theories.....but he was right.

    Perhaps science will prove many of the majestic feelings and experiences we have, but just because science cannot prove so today, absolutely does not make it false.
  17. OP remember this is the philosophy and religion section, no science here, just a bunch of thinking and pondering. Nothing really useful yet.
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    majority and the people in power had a vested interest in keeping religion in power to control people, and even themselves were probably too close-minded to look into his evidence, i doubt the rulers at that time took rational objective perspectives and though 'is this guy right?'
    they didn't need people listening to them and thinking 'omg he's right religion is wrong!' but it was inevitable and so came the age of enlightenment

    nowadays there is a small minority of rational individuals, back then if there were as much rational people there are today (to scale) that probably wouldn't of happened, well nah there would have to be way more because those kinds of people couldn't get in to power most likely, and if a king or whatever started considering science people would stop believing in god causing crime and rape considering how primal people were(and are) and church would lose power, and the church having more power wouldn't let that happen wasn't the internet back then, most rational people were most likely stuck to reading books and staying home all day, now we have the internet

    in short, nowadays there is the internet and there is a pretty strong understanding of what is true and what is false, majority of peer reviewed papers are posted online and are easy to find, it's also easy to find out what we don't know (which is a lot), so when people make claims that seem absurd it's not difficult to differentiate nonsense and something plausible
  19. Just because science can't explain something, I don't think its necessary to believe something in its place with little or no proof, I like the quote "be open minded, but don't let your brain fall out".

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