whats with all the hostility?

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  1. So I havent been kickin it in the city for that long, but it seems like theres barely any threads with out a bunch of people arguing back and forth about pointless ass shit, alot of people seem to be on insane ego trips. has the city always been this hostile? in the growers section everybody is very helpful but up in Apprentice and Seasoned, people just bicker constantly. Sorry just felt like venting about it.
  2. Of course not, the city has not always been like this.

    but with growth brings bickering and arguments....

    Regardless, i still love the city enough to pop in from time to time.

    Dont let a few bad apples ruin your experience.
  3. dont get me wrong, i love the city also, i think about a month and a half out of my last 2 months have been spent on here doing research, and overall my experience has been great, alooooot of helpful and very nice people. but then again, i know everyone is "18" :) but alot of the users seem very immature. i dont remember the thread specifically but it was literally "User 1: STFU! User 2: No YOU stfu. i laughed so hard when i read it. and its almost like people are making it a competition of who knows more about weed, when i figured everyone is here to help each other out with a common passion. Mini rant COMPLETE! :D
  4. SHUT THE FUCK UP A**HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nah j/k ;). I agree sometimes the bickering is redonculous (yes I said redonculous) but they also provide for some good lulz at times.

    Dont let it deter you from not coming back tho.

    Also if you find a thread offensive just report it. Thats what the button is for. Obviously dont abuse it but use your judgement. A mod will at least look at it if you report it.
  5. I'm pretty much here for the grow sections. I find if I stick to what I know best and not venture into the more (what I consider to be meaningless) sections I am fine and see very little arguing. When I do see something disrespectful, and/or offensive, I will report it. I take the grow sections very seriously nd that should not tolerated in the grow sections; actually, it should not be tolerated anywhere in the open forum.
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    someone said recockulous to me the other day, Ive been using that.

    the problem I have seen, is whenever I venture out of the growing area (where everyone pretty much gets along) and post something up in the chill zone, people will negative rep you if they dont like it. I thought that was pretty lame since it was just a discussion.

    anyhoo, all message boards are like that, many people come to message baords just to bicker.
  7. How about redoncudiculous? :cool:
  8. Depends on what your into, if you look around you'll find a place on GC that you will enjoy. Most of the users here never even heard of one another, because they stay to their respective forums.

    So go with what you like, and you'll find that there is less hostility. Most of the hostility I find to be new, clearly underage, immature users. But they are cleaned up quickly by the mods, thanks :)

    So stick around, and I think you'll see GC is the best community IMO.
  9. ya im loving the growers section, it seems like a real community in there, everybody is there to help everybody. i guess ill just stick to that from now on.

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