Whats with all the hatred on Greek life?

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  1. Whats with all the greek life haters on GC? I'm in a fraternity and I don't judge people based on their affiliation, but apparently that's not a two way street for most people. I'd say my friends are about 50/50 greek/non-greek and they seem to get along, but whenever I come on GC I always see posts about "stupid fratboys" or other greek bashing stuff. Most of my frat smokes weed are are mad chill, which is why I find some of the stereotypes hard to believe. Not all of us are abercrombie wearing douchebags who roofie girls and fail out of school, and I'm sure all of you independents don't sit around in your basement playing halo and masturbating.

    I mean fuck, I joined a fraternity to party and meet girls. Is there any man here who doesn't want the same?

    What did fraternities ever do to you guys? Why all the hatred?

    Also, are any other GC members in fraternities or sororities?
  2. idk man, a fraternity always seemed really lame to me.

    them type of kids were never nice to me.. so why should i be nice to them?

    really though. i'm not hate'n, do what makes you happy.
  3. The fraternity guys I have met have been either cordial and welcoming people or stuck up assholes. The stuck up assholes tend to come to mind more easily than those who acted like normal people.
  4. All of the Frats at WVU don't let guys into parties unless you bring four girls with you.

    That's why they are considered assholes here.

    And the whole "pay to hang out with girls" bit seems a bit pathetic to me.
  5. First day of school , i met this Frat and at first glance they looked like a bunch of those typical douchebag ones, but i got to know them and they were completely different. actually, one of them gave us car rides to their party and let us in for free. every time they have a party they charge everyone 5bucks, but people that they know get in for free, even if you're not in the frat. also this one time, i was walking to the train station and they saw me and picked up and dropped me off. i didn't join cuz i've been so freakin busy with school and im really broke right now. but i think i'll join their frat maybe next semester or next year. they are just really nice people. and their not assholes to chicks, they are actually quite the gentlemen with women. :p
    all i'm saying is get to know people before you judge them...
  6. No offense, but why would they throw a party for every random dude to get in to... surely you can see that.

    Also, atleast on my campus, all of the brothers have to pay like $10 a party, so it makes sense that you don't want random guys drinking all your shit for free.

    And come on dude, we're always paying to hang out with girls, whether its a date or paying dues, you're giving it up somewhere.
  7. Im not in a frat and I have had no issues getting puss, so the whole frat to meet girls thing just baffles me.

    Also, it seems a bit like a cult or street gang, in the sense that many of people who join frats subconsciously do so because they dont have much of a personal identity and they seek acceptance from others and want a title to call themselves
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    How about because you label people "independents" and "GDIs", for a start?

    Oh, and when I hear the term Greek life and Greek living I tend to think of how ancient Greek males would have extended retreats with young boys and have orgies for weeks on end. True story.

  9. haha! :p

  10. I agree with this fellow in laughter.

  11. Pretty much this...it is NOT hard to meet girls, at all, if you know how to talk. Joining some group so that people will like you for your label just seems lame to me.
  12. should probably drown frats
  13. I don't need to be an affiliate with a pile of macho douchebags. By living in modern day society, I have taken my affiliations faaaar enough... I don't need to contain myself further.
  14. There are douche bags everywhere. Have your own party if you can't get in theirs. I'm not in a fraternity but I do have good friends who are and there are fraternities that are filled with douches but not everyone is. Also it sounds like yall don't live in the south because I've been to just about every SEC university for parties and never had to pay shit. But yall shouldn't judge a book by it's cover kuz there are rude dicks everywhere and to me the people who say all frat guys are douches seems pretty ignorant to me. Yall do you ima do me. To each his own. Happy smokes.
  15. Do you wear raybans w/ crokies, khaki shorts, and a polo every other day of your life?

    if so then i hate you for conforming
  16. Humiliating yourself to buy a bunch of douchebags as friends = cool, bro.
  17. wear Khakis and a polo everyday because I have a big boy job. It's pretty ignorant to think that everyone who wears this daily is in a fraternity. Grow up.
  18. I think for most people it's that a small number of really obnoxious assholes ruin it for a large number of normal people. That's how it is at my university.

    In my freshman year I went to a couple parties at a frat house (biggest frat on campus, we don't have many either). I ran into about 15 members over the course of several parties, and nearly all of them were complete douchebags, so I went through the next two years hating them.

    Then, last year I lived above some sorority girls (win!) who were friends with a lot of greek people. I guess I just met the wrong people at those parties, because most of the frat dudes the girls introduced me to were legit people.

    Lesson is, don't stereotype.
  19. :hide:

    edit: on a side note, I actually don't even own a gaming system or any games, I just sit around masturbating
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    All this stereotyping of fraternity guys is just like how people generalize stoners; we are all no the same! It's not "paying for friends", the fact is a frat is in the business of real estate, you are paying to live in a good location and have a huge house rather than a shitty little dorm/apartment. Also, where exactly is the difference between throwing a house party and doing what greeks do? You still have to pool money for beer and shit, but the difference is people actually show up to frat parties. I'm not chill with the idea of making people pay to party or bring a certain amount of money, but i mean why would i let in a group of dudes, like 4 or 5 for example, who have no intention of joining/rushing, want to swoop up potential girls, get drunk and dip? Not everyone has to be allowed into the parties, i'm sorry some of you guys got kicked out wherever you go to school but i mean have some reasoning. Even within greek life, it's obvious who the douches are and my frat is seen as the "nice guys", i guess, but by no means does that mean we don't pull girls. WE actually have a lot more than some of the douchey frats because they get labeled as such and date rapists, etc., leaving us to clean up shop! haha

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