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Whats with all the hate on grasscity

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Everyone on this website thinks either
    - Im a kid
    - Im a troll
    - Im an idiot

    People are so disrespectful here, how can I get them to change their attitudes?

    Damn I thought weed was a peaceful thing...
  2. Welcome to anonymous forums on the internet.
  3. Personally, I think you're an idiot trolling child! 18+or GTFO!!

    Just messin' man, I hear ya people are rude as hell.
  4. Often the site is infested with children, trolls, and idiots in the summer. Give it a month, things will be brighter.
  5. This thread is worthless without pics.
  6. stop bitchin'
  7. Most people on here are friendly, but with any forum, there are bound to be a few people that are rude or mean. You just have to ignore the rude people.
  8. man, this is the internet there will be hate no matter where you go unfortunatley.
    Grasscity really is pretty clean comparitively though, ever read through a youtube comments section? :p
  9. Yeah its a mix of everything. Some people are so arrogant that they choose to smite anyone who doesn't appeal to them. Trolls run rampant and people feed them like crazy. Just watch which threads you jump in and it gets better.
  10. Thanks ppl, its just really frustrating, I never experienced this discrimination on any other forum, some guy got mad at me cause I often use " :smoke: " after what I write... I also hate being accused as a kid or troll!!
  11. Well find comfort in knowing you'll never be accused of being an emotionless tough guy.
  12. People are gunna moan at you man, i mean you've been signed up for like a month and you've already had 412 posts, the majority of which are pointless threads about how much you like weed, people have tried giving you advice which you refused to accept multiple times and the way you talk (or type..) is leading people to believe your underage

    clearly your a new toker, so ask questions in the new tokers thread, its there for a reason, GC is notorious for trolls so when your asking ridiculous questions and opening shit loads of threads your gunna get haters
  13. You tend to change what age you claim to be, and many of your threads hint at you being underage.

    I think that might contribute to it a bit.
  14. Its cause you're all three

    not kidding
  15. I think your problems started with the thread about how your username has the first two "letters" in 420
  16. [quote name='"mindx"']This thread is worthless without pics.[/quote]

    Ye pics or gtfo
  17. Well it's like the real world, except people can hide behind the screen of a computer so you get to see their true colors
  18. dude its ok have some pie

  19. I think some people are kinda miserable with life, so they vent on youtube and other forums. Things wouldnt be like this if we had world peace, but the forefathers who started wars, slavery, etc definitely prevented that. Huge butterfly effect
  20. #20 nickal, Aug 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2012
    The first few posters must've not seen* a couple of your other threads/posts..
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