What's with all the Bong pieces?

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  1. the extra attachments either cool the smoke more, filter the smoke more or stop your main bong getting dirty

    that's it really - no mysterious shit going on here

  2. This just about sums it up.

    Ashcatchers and precoolers will filter the smoke, some better than others, and create a more enjoyable smoke.

    FYI: Ashcatchers can go from $50 used, to $500+ new.

    If you're interested in buying one, I'd check out a basic RooR or an Illadelph a/c.

    Roor a/c's are generally more basic while Illadelph a/c's have the splash guard which is a nice touch.
  3. Just as with everything else, as technology improves, more and more parts are developed to enhance the experience

  4. well put.

    how can you call yourself a stoner if you dont even know the most basic bong functions? :confused: im just playin
  5. The best thing to remember about bong pieces is that the name usually describes the purpose. Percolators percolate, diffusers diffuse, ash catchers catch ash, etc.
  6. Haha...next time someone asks me a question about bongs im gonna say just that.
  7. got ya. love the onomatopoeia.........:rolleyes::p

    ok so i got the ash catcher and the percolator, but what exactly are you trying to defuse? bad smoke from the "good" smoke?
  8. yea, and just so u know that second picture is of reenforced trees so is you accidently ding th etube the trees will survive. i believe that is a sg.
  9. What you are trying to diffuse is the smoke bubbles coming out of the downstem. When the smoke travels to the bottom of the diffuser small holes or slits break up the smoke into tiny pieces "diffusing" it. This is done to create a higher surface area to volume ratio of the smoke as it goes through the water thus creatin a cooler smoke as opposed to a open downstem.
  10. ^ i get it. this is what i was getting at in the first place. See, all i knew of when it came to bongs was a 1ft plastic thingie i got from a smoke shop for like 9.99. thanks for droppin the knowledge.....
  11. Your welcome... anytime you need anything just ask.
  12. got any bud to spare?.....sorry, i had to ask..:D

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