What's What?

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  1. A man was relaxing at home on his day off when his young son appeared & said, "Dad, I'm bored. Will you play with me?" Dad just wanted to relax so, he thought of a way to keep his son occupied.

    Dad said, "Son. I have an important mission for you. Here is a dollar. Ride your bike to town & get me a dollar's worth of What's What. Don't come back until you get it. Got it?"

    The boy rode to town & went to the 1st place he saw...the hardware store. He asked the hardware man for the What's What & the man said, "We don't carry that here. You might try next door."

    Next door was the grocery store & the boy was told the exact same thing, so he went to the next establishment which happened to be a liquor store. When the boy asked for the What's What, the liquor store man said, "I never heard of it but, the folks next door might have something for you."

    Being his best lead yet, he proceeded to the establishment next door which happened to be a big, fancy mansion...with a big, fancy whore house inside.

    The boy rang the doorbell & a naked woman answered the door. The boy pointed at her crotch & asked, "What's that?"

    The naked lady responded with, "What's what?"

    The boy smiled & shouted, "I'll take a dollar's worth!"

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