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  1. what's up guys, i've been reading the forum a lot so i thought i might as well create an account and join the city
  2. Not much bro, just chillin, yourself?
  3. just chilling as well and browsing the forums. i just finished off the last of my bud so i'm feeling a little disappointed haha
  4. Haha man Im in the same situation! As of now, Im out. My $3 isnt going to get me much more :( haha What were you having?
  5. yeah i've got $10, might as well save it till i can get a proper bag instead of just a dime. I had some high mids which were only ok, but they cost dank prices unfortunately. this past weekend i managed to pick up some lemon haze though, that was some great weed. how about you?
  6. About a week ago picked up a little purp, and over the last week I have managed to score some good chrons, no strain name, just commercial good stuff. Over the summer I had lots of super lemon haze and some snow white :) Would like to find some killer dank, pineapple kush, pineapple express, or the g13 killer bud! Those are the best in the world, But always satisfied with chrons, even mids as long as I have some. :)
  7. those are some sick pickups, where are you located? i'm in wisconsin so there it's not as easy to get the real dank without a good connection.

    i've been told the pineapple express strain is an urban legend but there's no way of proving that theory haha. for sure, mids work for me as long as I have enough to smoke, especially when the price is right
  8. Yeah exactly, down in KS, planning on moving to Cali man! I heard its an urban legend to but a friend said he knew a guy who had some, dankest shit ever. Either way, theres alot of stuff right up there with it, killer hybrids and kush's and the list goes on, whats the best stuff you've had?
  9. nice, i want to move someday too, cali would be a nice change from the midwest. especially if prop 19 actually passes, who knows though

    gotta say the best i've had was called space queen, something my friend got from a dispensary in cali. not sure on the genetics of it but it was extremely bright green, covered in trichs. some of the locally grown hybrid shit ranks up there too. you?
  10. Prob 19 is just one more reason to move there for me! Never heard of Space Queen, sounds good though. I dont know what the best I've ever had would be, I've had OG Kush, Purple Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Silver Haze, Snow White, and a whole bunch or just commercial chrons. I can get ahold of some blueberry or bubblegum if I find some $$ haha. If you move to Cali and I do to, we need to smoke a bowl or two together :)
  11. that's awesome, if those are around here i haven't heard about them haha. the great midwest harvest fest is here this weekend though so i'm hoping to meet some people

    for sure man, a move like that won't be happening for a while for me though unfortunately
  12. Yeah man that sounds killer! Yeah the move for me would be no sooner than 2 years, but hopefully no more than 4 years from now. If prop 19 passes im going to be driving there quite a bit though :) Does wisconsin have a mmj law?
  13. how far is the drive from kansas? yeah i'm hoping to visit too, even without legalized weed there's still an awesome medical market there. Wisconsin doesn't; the fest this weekend has a march for medical though. if i remember right kansas has no mmj?
  14. haha yeah i've had nights like that, just not quite as long. i had a large cheap glass bong, paid about $100 for it, but it was thin and cracked on the base, which spread. before i use it more i've gotta get a glass repair kit or something. you have any nice pieces?
  15. Man thats stinks, sorry bout that, I've got a few chron pipes, some 80's era portible smokeless pieces, and a basic bong :) Thats my fleet, one of my good friends has a different bong that he bought a year before i got mine, turns out they were blown by the same glassman, same design throughout the bong haha, then his got jacked out of his car last night. Damn kids, who steals something like that, its so wrong!
  16. that's funny but that sucks, jacking a bong out of a car lol. yeah i've got a glass spoon as well and an acrylic bong which is surprisingly useful considering it set me back $20. i'd like to get a quality bong or a vape though
  17. Yeah, I'd take a nice volcano vape, they say they are the most powerful in the way of forcing high thc content into you! I almost bought acrylic, settled for a 50 dollar glass piece, quite satisfied so far.
  18. yeah i think glass is the way to go. i went to the marijuana harvest fest this weekend and managed to pick up a brick of hash and some shrooms from a guy. looks like we got ripped off though, the shrooms weren't potent and the hash wasn't the greatest quality. downside of buying from strangers :/
  19. Yeah I was going to buy an acrylic piece but looked like crap compared to glass. Either way the fest would be a great experience, but yeah I hate buying from strangers and getting ripped, sucks big time. Man I saw Alice in Chains last night, its weird, once the lights turned off I started to smell this weird skunk smell. hmmm...lol hahaha
  20. I totally agree. a friend of mine just got this sick acrylic double bong, but it just doesn't hit like a glass piece. lol it wasn't a total loss, some kid bought most of the hash from me. yeah that would be the "unexplained skunk phenomenon" that happens all the time at shows... nobody seems to know where it's coming from hahaha

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