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  1. Although I've read these forums for a while on a variety of things, I was never motivated to make an account til now. Just a little about me- I'm a junior in high school, I play xbox (cod mainly), I'm an avid marijuana enthusiast, and no, just cuz I smoke dope, I'm not stupid. I plan on going to a 4-year college and mastering in Business. I'm also open to all kinds of music except rock, I've just never really felt it. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell. Peace.
  2. My swag is the coolest
    My bitch is the rudest
    My jeweller is Jewish, and my wrist is the bluest
  3. Love the username. Welcome :)
  4. And I get it poppin on the block like Whoo Kidd
    Asap standing on the block like the new kids
  5. already banned lol....
  6. Maybe he got held back :rolleyes:

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