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Discussion in 'General' started by RazorRy, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. people out in cali......i dont get the whole bay area thing.......is that a different type of person verses someone who is not from the bay area?........i know a few heads out in cali an shit from my other site and they all say theyre from the bay area and leave nothin about being from cali...........so im askin you GANJAPHISH (and whoever else is from cali) whats the deal wit the bay area????
  2. my cousin wants to move out there cuz she's like them, jus stuck in the midcoast
  3. ummm because... the bay area is the SHIT and we all rule!!

    no but seriously, i don't know, but i'll try to make sense of it...

    california is a huge state... when i tell people i'm from california most people automatically assume i'm from southern california. and no offense to socal, but not all of california is like southern california, in fact i don't like socal very much at all. it's just welcoming to the hippie in me.

    the bay area is almost like a community within itself, it's large enough, and recognizable enough to people so you don't end up having to explain your exact location i.e.: "south of oakland, to the east a little and etc etc" when they probably don't care. by saying "bay area" it narrows down the "where in california" quite a bit more.

    i sat here trying to think of another area in the country that could be generalized like that, i guess kinda like "upstate" in new york or something?

    i guess the bay area IS just the shit, it's a beautiful place to live, a wonderful collective of friendly cities, and maybe my love for it is why i emphasize that's where i'm from... :)

    all mushiness aside, i really think it's because california is such a huge state, and it's easier to pinpoint the general location by saying "the bay area."
    does that make sense? :)
  4. yeah around that area theres some dope underground hip hop......you ever hear of hieroglyphics???........if not its a group consisting of a bunch of artists......theyre dope i highly recommend you check them out even if you dont like hip hop

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