Whats Up With This Whole meme Generation Of Outcast Nerds On The Internet Complaining About Whats Wrong With The World?

Discussion in 'General' started by KushNMusic, Jun 4, 2013.

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    i've been hestitant to post this for a while, because most of the people reading this post will be the exact people that i'm talking about
    these people really piss me off, and of course they have their own sites like 9gag, 4chan, etc, but they've been abundant for a while on sites like facebook on those "fan pages" and on youtube comment sections, basically everywhere on the internet, even grasscity, i swear these kids spend/waste more on the internet then they do outside and they always have something to complain about or criticize, and they're always repeating the same phrases and thoughts, and you guys know exactly who i'm talking about, i'm talking about those same kids who always say "i don't want to live on this planet anymore" in reaction to the most trivial things and other such nerd phrases like that, the funny thing is that these kids say they're against ceartain things like bullying etc but they do the exact same things themselves and think they are entitled to do so without criticism because they experienced it themselves at a earlier time, and they all think they are smart and intellectual and that their thoughts will move the world forward, NONE OF THESE KIDS ARE INDEPENDENT THINKERS, everything they support is just a new or old trend they are following
    and also another thing is these kids who love to correct other peoples spelling/grammar mistakes, you do realise that most people intentionally don't care about the way they spell/their grammar and its not because they're stupid, if you can understand what the other person is trying to say and fully understand their message then PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME why you need to correct his writing, i mean i already know why but..  :confused_2:
    and the funny thing is that most of these kids are the same outcast nerds you see at school who will never say anything or stand up for themselves/thier beliefs, but when it comes to the internet they just can't get enough of talking apparently, and they have all the answers to the worlds problems
    anyone who sais "i don't want to live on this planet anymore", don't worry, you already aren't, you outcast
    oh and btw i didn't come up with that "meme generation" thing i saw someone else on grasscity use it i thought it was great so i used it, i can't remember who you are but shout out to you :D
    and also sorry about the rant, i wanted to finally put this out there because i feel like no one else has

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    Introverted outcasts are usually the most informed of people with the smallest of achievement. We're addicted to information, sometimes using it as a means of success but not always. Anonymity makes it so people can't judge us. I say 'us' because I'm somewhat in the group, being introverted but not a complete outcast (people seem to like me and invite me to shit).
    Since I'm not a complete outcast/worried about judgement I do express my opinion quite often about the corrupt nature of the world while regarding things like monetary policy. Trouble is when you introduce this to someone who isn't addicted to information like we are they get bored before we actually reach the 'meat' of our topics. They then want to change the subject to talking about some girl they like or something. I've had 2-3 hour conversations with people like-minded with just a topic like foreign policy to guide us.
    You know what we're good for? Reading/writing a lot of stuff. I'm going to guess many of the people who agree with your opinion won't take the time to actually read your entire post, like I did. I create arguments regarding a lot of topics on this forum and it's obvious that most people ignore it because it's too long or write one to two line replies telling me how stupid I am.
    Who wouldn't get annoyed?
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    lol that made me laugh im not even going to lie, because i know it was coming
    and also i love kobe
  4. Surround yourself with good people and good music. At least for myself, this combination invariably leads to a good time. If I'm having a good time, I don't notice the stupidity in this world. Meaning I don't need some Preparation H Butthurt edition and make posts complaining about people always complaining.
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    im just glad that you acknowledge what you do and that is enough to satisfy me, i know that most of them are going to flatout deny this and not give it a second thought
  6. Isn't that exactly what this thread is doing? :huh:

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  7. When I see "Join anonymous on Facebook and be anonymous " posters at uni it makes me laugh.

    I just stopped caring about people like that and do my own thing
    So your answer to outcasts is alienate them further, brilliant.
    See, it isn't the planet I don't like, so I don't jump on the whole "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" bandwagon.  I'm sure there are vastly better places than where I am though, matter of fact I know that because I'm an introverted nerd that looks up information on the daily...Having a high IQ has its perks.  It also comes at quite the price, my theories for instance; I don't share them simply because people have failed to prove to me that they are open minded enough to accept something 'Different' and outside the typical box.
    But fuck it, I'm going to be great...That shit has been in the making since day one.  I'm changing the world and fuck you if you think I will not, and I will change it for the better, temporarily...Because eventually one of you will fuck up what was a reasonably good idea for selfish concerns and greed.
    Your society is burning, and I'm smiling...Put that on a fuckin' meme, son; hit 'em J, we out. :cool:
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    memes are cookie cutters for dolts that havent had an original thought or joke in their entire lives.
    No need to get riled up over them, I personally like them because they let me see whos an idiot and worth ignoring. One of lifes shortcuts.
    I got nothing against those websites though 4chan, 9gag, and reddit etc etc. Theyre pretty much all past their prime anyways overloaded with dolts and 1/10 trolls.
    Grammar nazis are cute too, they just try to remain relevant. Good for a laugh when they chime in on actual discussions.
  10. In before 4chan reads this and afterwards expose OP

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  11. I "like" a few pages on Facebook that post funny pictures, and I know what you mean. Almost every picture will have a comment that has 600 likes because it says "well that escalated quickly" (which isn't even the right quote from Achorman, he says BOY that escalated quickly) or "some people just want to watch the world burn"
    As for the correcting someone's grammar. I love that shit. I feel like I should help someone else become a little less stupid. 
  12. I somewhat agree. Half of these douchebags are the ones who make threads about how they don't know how to talk to girls or they don't have any friends. But on the internet, they are everything they've ever wanted to be and more.

    On one hand it annoys the fuck out of me because I can smell the desperation through the
    phone. But on the other hand, these guys (and gals) would be straight up miserable if they didn't have the Internet.

    These guys have friends on the Internet and they get to flirt with girls and do things that they don't get to do in real life.

    So it's whatever. Let them have fun. Hopefully one day they'll find their place in the real world and give up the douche bag Internet, I know everything and I'm better than you, persona.
  13. I'm extremely introverted but i don't quote meme's or anything like that i feel it's kinda cliche and anyone not into the internet culture has no idea what you're talkin about :laughing:. I've found internet humor doesn't translate well into the real world.
    As far as complaining about problems yes i like to discuss controversial subjects and alot of times it has to do with things i don't like and want to change. I love a good debate and i'm not afraid to voice my opinions. I'm usually considered a liberal hippy by most people but hell all i preach is tolerance and respect for all. For some reason many find that offensive.
  14. the memes give a sense of belonging kinda. it allows these kids to be a part of the "cool" crowd. they finally fit in for once, they finally know the trends and stuff.
    they are against bullying and do bully. it's kinda like when a rape victim goes out and fucks a bunch of people to try and regain control of their sexuality.
    as far as us being independent thinkers. not true. the majority of people in just about any group aren't independent thinkers. this group is no different. there are independent thinkers, but they are the minority, just as it is in society. if anything i would say that this group has a slightly higher percentage of independent thinkers actually.
    the grammar thing i'm with you 100% of the way. fuck em.
    as far as us being social outcasts... well, i most definitely fall into your category of meme generation people. i can assure you i am no social outcast. i can also assure you i am an independent thinker.
    this is where i've got the biggest problem with your argument. you have absolutely no idea about the lives of these people. you have no idea what they are actually like. the internet is anonymous, the memes are anonymous, you don't know if it's neil degrassi posting those memes or paris hilton.
    i spend a shitload of time on the internet, way more than an average person, i also enjoy memes, and i  love to talk on the internet and answer all of the worlds problems. on top of that i'm in college, starting a business, party, have lots of friends, stick up for myself, have an insanely sexy girlfriend, etc...
    i'm not a basement dwelling faggot like you like to assume. i used to be a social outcast, but thanks to the excessive amount of time i've spent on the internet, and due to the meme generation, i am now the successful, outgoing, awesome person that i am today.
    in summary, the only real problem i have with your argument is the assumptions you make about these people. based off of nothing except for the memes they post. just because we post shit about people who are on the internet all being overweight  basement dwelling outcasts, we aren't actually all like that. it's just a joke.
  15. The lack of intelligence that I witness on GC is what bothers me. "Eating a 2 gram ball of resin to get high"   "injecting food coloring into the plants"  "Dipping a joint in nyquil to get a better buzz" "hotboxing your grow room so the plants will be more potent"
    I read that stuff and the future of pot smoking scares me. And then they want to post about other drugs on a pot forum. And it always seems to be teens writing this stuff.
    Have you seen the amount of self proclaimed you tube stars? 14 and 15 year old kids giving a strain review. (not a grow review but the entire strain). "tastes pretty good" "i'm catchin a lil buzz now" Dayum they frustrate me. And I suppose that i frustrate a lot of people on this forum.
  16. what's wrong with eating resin to get high? it's kinda gross, but not really any worse than half the other shit stoners do. it's just burnt plant material and THC. injecting food coloring into the plants, is pointless, but maybe kinda fun. some rainbow bud could be cool looking. i'm not sure how smoking food coloring is for you, but you could at least use your rainbow bud, to eat.
    not gonna touch the nyquil thing, and hotboxing the growroom, while i think is kinda silly, isn't necessarily completely crazy. the plants need CO2 and smoke has plenty of that, as well as there is THC in the smoke, and it does settle and condense on things. unless you had about 10 people power smoking for the entire time of the grow i don't think the condensing THC would make a noticeable difference, but it's not gonna hurt it i don't think.
  17. My common sense tells me that eating resin is gonna taste like shit, probably make me sick and give me horrible breath. Anyone that enjoys eating resin has got to lack common sense IMO. Anyone else back me up on this?
  18. i agree. my point is that i know plenty of stoners smoke resin, and plenty will scavenge for little bits of weed or possibly not weed on their floor and stuff. i think those are equally gross, and bad ideas, but i don't think any of them are terrible ideas and it doesn't necessarily mean the person is stupid.
    i guess it's kind of a semantics thing, and it depends on how gross you find resin.
  19. Oh yeah I smoke resin all the time, i just dont eat it. And yes, i confess i have picked lil nugglets out of a carpet and had to remove the dog hair from the bud before i smoke it. I know that is kinds gross but i'd rather do that then eat resin for god's sake.

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