whats up with this chick?

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    Okay so i chilled with this chick the other day and her friend told me to ask her to prom cuz she really wants me too, so we were sitting in a field toking up and shes like turn around i wanna draw something on your back and tell me what you thot i drew and im like wtf okay whatever, then shes like my turn so i wrote on her back " will you go to prom with me?" lmao

    But i never told her cuz the subject was switched and we were both stoned and now she keeps texting me saying "whatd you write on my back" I CAN tell its realllllly bugging her

    and i dont wanna ask her to prom over text so wtf do i do lmao
  2. Say "Come see me and I'll tell you." Problem solved and you might get laid.
  3. Haha this. ^
  4. tell her to look in a mirror lol
  5. tell her u think she is sweet or somthing corny girls like that
  6. Is she that dumb that she hasn't realized to look in the mirror?
    She we won't be here for long, natural selection will see to her.
  7. Damn, how fat is this bitch's back?
  8. Either you guys are stupid, or im not following this at all...He didnt actually write anything on her back with like a pen/marker lol, he wrote it with his fingers, and she tries to guess what he wrote...Hence why she doesn't just look in a mirror
  9. Oh you 'wrote' it with your finger.
    Just ask to meet up and ask her when the time is right.

  10. Well that changes the whole concept of the original post.
  11. This.

  12. Girl: What did you write on my back!!

    Boy: Nevermind that, I think you're sweet though.

    Girl: :confused:

  13. haha..

    but OP just tell her you want meet up and ask her....

    don't sweat it she apparently want your dick in our around her mouth...
  14. Really wish there were more threads with ACTUAL relationship problems. Most of this shit is all highschool bull crap. Prom and shit. Kiddie love. God i just wanna rage.
  15. Seriously dont fret over this your in a great position. Just say fuck it and hang out with her again and tell her to her face "SUCK MY BALLS"
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    She so desperately just wants you to come out and ask her to prom normally without confusion or pussing out that you're driving her crazy right now.

    Just fucking ask. Text or not, she doesn't give a shit at this point. Ask her tonight in plain English that she can actually hear/see/read.

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