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Discussion in 'General' started by MarijuanaKills, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Whats up with the Truth ( those anti cigarette commercials). All they do is stress the fact that the BIG BAD TOBACCO COMPANIES ( the ones who are trying to kill everybody, because of course it's all the tobacco companies fault, not the person who choose to smoke the cigarettes) lie about their product to make it seem better. I'm sorry, but since when was huge corporations lying to promote their products considered anything except standard business practice? It's like they honestly expect cigarette companies to come out and say "Smoke our cigarettes, you look cool, and you die!" No. Thats like Chevy coming out with a commercial saying "This car is fast, stylish, and cheap but if you go to fast and don't obey traffic laws you can easily kill yourself." Thats just not the way shit works.

    These commericals bashing cigarettes are really pissing me off.
  2. Ive thought about this before, and I think the most effective way to get kids to not smoke would be to show a full-minute commercial showing nothing but cancer patients. People with holes in their necks and pictures of black lungs. That would urge me to quit more than anything.

    Besides, why are tobacco companies portrayed as bad? They do the same fucked up stuff other companies do, just trying to make a buck.
  3. they keep younger kids from smoking to some degree so i don't mind them
  4. Therye probably shown as bad because theyre product kills a hell of a lot more people than the next one does.
    But it's not therye fault that people smoke, thats a personal decision.
  5. hey! but it makes a difference in the world!
  6. my favorite is when in the commercials they bring up "back in 1985 ... or back in 1978 ...." its like man thats way in the past what lies have they told now. none....
  7. i see it this way .. if someone whants to smoke .. there ganna smoke .. no fuckin comercial on tv is ganna change there mind and no anti cigarette propaganda is ganna change it .. if you dont want to smoke you dont ... and thats that ... its the will power not the media power ...

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