whats up with pre 98 bubba??

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  1. hey all smokers and jokers,
    was wondering if anyone, i know there is someone, who can enlighten me on pre 98 bubba, more specifically the cali connect. wanted to know what the grow was like and how the smoke is.....thanks
  2. grows like bubba ( and that is what it is, an S1 of Pre 98 Bubba)

    flowers in about 8 weeks with a dense indica structure , has a deep coffee/chocolate taste and has killer med uses. she also loves to color up late in flower , just not to make purp buds, just purplish plants..

  3. thanks mr rat.....i was looking to order this and see how the bubba gump comes up.....i hear people rave about it but where i am it is not really available or its bullshit bubba....i was looking for a strain for med uses. i got some issues. smoke up!!!
  4. you'll find a keeper the 6 pack from CC
  5. Got six of em' about half way through now. Looking very nice. Not a huge yielder, but I don't care about huge yields. I don't know... maybe it will swell. This is my first time growing the CC Pre-98 Bubba. They look good though.
  6. Iblnteresting article in hightomes on pre-98 strains, apparently they have much better and reliable genetics than other seeds.

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