whats up with my plant?

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  1. Okay, hello errbody! Well, I have 2 plants. 1 is doing fine but the other is growing in slow and looks warped. What's wrong?
  2. Care to elaborate.
  3. I got pics. Here's from the top and from the side


    Kinda looks like overwatering, whatchu think?

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  4. [quote name='"SmokyMcBluntz91"']I got pics. Here's from the top and from the side


    Kinda looks like overwatering, whatchu think?[/quote]

    You would need to tell more detail about your grow to get a good opinion.
  5. It's hard to say when they are still so young.

    The cups you're growing them in are pretty small. You will definitely need to transplant them soon.

    Not all seedlings are perfect keep in mind. They are like any other species, some come with mutations.
  6. Can you take a picture with some lighting over it?
  7. Yeah, ill get to it when I can. I kinda accidentally dropped the cup when it was young. So it may not be the greenest plant in the greenhouse(lol)

    I haven't aded any nutes, started in seedstarter MG soil. It may be a lil high in N I think.. or overwatered it... idk :/
  8. Here's some better pics I hope

    And the last 1 is of my plant that's dominating haha


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  9. Also, I have another thread in absolute beginners that has pics of my setup

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