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  1. hi so i noticed a leaf like this in the pic's 3days ago at first i thought it was nute burn so i flushed the plant and feed plain water for 24hrs and today being the 3rd day when i looked at the plant it was worse. so i dont think its nute burn its from a superlemon haze and in the same room i have 4 trainwrecks and they are all healthy and doing very well. all 3 pics are the same leaf

    so what do you guys think it is?

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  2. just so you know i am on my first grow so take my advice for what you will but to me it looks like the beginning of a calcium deficiency.
  3. Looks like ph is off
  4. Looks like...

    We need all the particulars of the grow
    for the plant under suspicion.

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    shes 48 days in flower under a 600w hps + 100w MH, room temp kept at 22c, humdity 50% E.C. is 1.8 and Ph is 5.8-6.0. using canna coco a+b cannazym, rhizotonic, canna boost and hesi super vit. medium is coco/clay pebbles watering via drippers. using R.O water

    let me know if u need any more info cheers.
  6. I wuz gonna blurt it out at the beginning
    of this thread, but wanted to be sure.

    Its a slight P deficiency. Up your P.

    Those are beautiful leaves. I can just
    imagine what the rest of the plant looks
    like...hint, hint.

  7. cool thanks dude i had narrowed it down to either Ca or P after looking at hundreds of other peoples pics lol i added 50mls of PK 13/14 2days ago and it has not got any worse and the affected leaves are even starting to look better. added a bit more PK 2day so hopefully all will be good. Oh ok i guess ill show u my girls lol its 1 SLH and 4 trainwrecks last 2 pics are of the trainwreck. much appriceated dude thanks.

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  8. Just what I thought - niiiiiiiiice.

    Enjoy the bountiful harvest brutha !!!

  9. thanks man, im looking forward to the slh its smells divine! To think i was gonna throw her out b4 i flowered her :)
  10. so i thought id post my results here, SLh had been vegged for 50 days and flowered for 75days total yeild from 1 plant 11.5 oz NICE!!! then 4 TW cant remember how long i vegged em but wasnt that long 3 weeks i think from takin cutting's then flowered for 62 days yeild 19.2oz but this does need a bit more drying time so in reality there is probally 14-15oz there. giving me a total yeild of around 26 oz done under 600w hps and 100w mh giving me the magic 1g per w. for my 4th grow (1st in this room ) i dont think i done too bad!

    the pile on the left is TW and the right obviously SLH
    the pic with the bigger bud is SLH the small bud is TW


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  11. oh almost forgot smoke report

    the TW is a real heavy stone makes u want to sleep for long time, has a real earthy smell about it and tastes very earthy hmmmmmmmmmmmm sooo good. My growin partner said he was pissed off at me for how strong it was and said he hoped the SLH was an easier smoke for daytime, so with that comment in hand i sparked up a phat SLH well it smells so lemonnnieeeee its amazing, the taste is so sweet and lemony and the effect starts out with the giggles then i went weak at the knees and had to sit down then felt like some1 was trying to kick my eyes out of my head from the inside. lets just say the SLH wasnt the saviour of a daytime smoke he had hoped for lol

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