whats up with my plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gr0wer, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, Whats up with this plant the spots are growing up the plant slowly. I just increased the nutes thinking its N deffecient. Was my prognosis correct?

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  2. d i s e a s e possibly
  3. how many hours of sun it gets, or maby fert burns? i dunno

    hava nice day
  4. It has to be some kind of nute someshit, the spots are alot bigger and browner but they are spontanious in loaction on the leaf, but are alwast on teh 2 plweat leaves till they die. The plant is in training adn is almost like scrog now so could that do anytthing? Do you think ph could do it, my parents found and took my meter :( (Im geting a new one asap though) I checked about a 3 weeks ago and it was 6.25 aand im guessing its around 7 now, but may be more.
  5. I agree with Woody ,it's bugs. Did you check the underside of the leaves like he told you? Nute deficiency doesn't chew holes in leaves, neither does bad PH.
  6. Its not holes its dead spots that are brown. I will look for bugs under it next time im at my plot. but i dont see how its moving up the plant, it seems some moble element is being moved?
  7. woody i already tried OG faqs and the sick plant section wit no results. I think new pics would help because there bigger now and the pic is out of focus.
  8. Also i forgot to mention my plants have 2 small purple stripes on the feeder leaf stems that just showed up (startin to go into flower). They need a bit more P and I will give them some 15-30-15 next watering and hopefully the new ferts will make the difffrence.

    Woody, you have experience with sativa strains with the PP. I dont have PP just bagseed sativa but at least it's the same genetic family so ferting must be close. What rating of ferts do you use for flower?
  9. My educated guess would be that since you are growing sativas wich continue to grow through flower, you need more N to allow plant growth. and do you keep your plants at 5.8? thats a bit off for soil.. I thought 6.7 was optimal, no? Or are you saying thats what the instructions say for hydro?

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  10. 420, a good fert, designed for hydro, but is good for soil that I know you can get here in the states is General hydroponics.
  11. Just dont Fert get a time release fert for when your vegging and then just give it like budding ferts when it buds or not maybe the time release also counts for budding... thats what i do that works best and if you have a healthy marijuana plant it should be able to fend of those bugs by itself... these are the words of and 54 or 53 year old grower whose been doing it since he was 18.
  12. thats bugs. there reason its slowly climbing up the plant is that bugs arnt fast and u are growing more plant everyday for the bugs to move to.

    its not nuts. its bugs...almost 100% sure
  13. why do so many people try to grow dope while they are living at home with there parents what the deal ?????????
  14. because they want to do it because its so easy and rewarding. Thats why they Outdoor grow ;) minimal risk for the parents.

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