What's up with my girls?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by KGB Kermit, Aug 10, 2018 at 1:29 PM.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Just a quick one. Photos attached. Any idea what is going on?

    1 x CBD OG Kush
    1xGirl Scout Cookies

    Setup is in a insulated shed outside. (Global warming has meant this season it was a bad idea lol finally got it dialled in)

    day 35 veg

    GH 3 part, cal mag+, silicon, molasses and PH down is all they are being fed.
    10 gallon pots 20% runoff each feed. I was watering every other day. This week changed to once a day.

    I upped the cal mag for the OG as they love it.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.


    image000002.jpg image000000.jpg

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  2. Ph down is not a nutrient, whats your ph when feeding? Whats your ppm going in? Whats your runoff testing at? Your plants are showing some heat stress also ph fluctuations, whats the temp of your room? how close are your lights? What type of light?.the more information you provide about your grow when posting, the more members will be able to help narrow down your problems or even spot something you may not see and maybe even prevent problems that could arrive in the futrue
  3. Thanks for the heads up, wasn't sure what info was needed. It's my first grow and I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants lol. I was more concerned it was bugs etc. Temp and PH issues are the most likely culprits

    I heat has been an issue but it's been improved 4 days back and now showing 72 - 80.

    PH in is at 6.0 when nutrients are mixed haven't tested out yet but I can :) I'll be honest due to work etc I'm making up nutrient for a week's watering every Sunday it's not ideal but it's what I got. I'm guessing PH will be much different if nutes left for the week. (It's obviously causing and issue so need to work out how to water without me there (maybe a drip system I'm not sure)) any ideas on how to achieve watering for the week without me there would be awesome. I grow purely medical reasons and due to disabilty reasons i lack confidence in anything really so very nervous to attempt what is essentially a MUST.

    Only growing with LED viparspectre par600 but it seems to be doing the job :)

    Thank you for getting back to me

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  4. Temps in that range are good, ph at 6.0 is ok. Im strictly a hydroponics person, but someone will chime on a drip feed setup hopefully. You can also search the forum.
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  5. drip system on timer would be cool,not a good idea to mix nutes once a week though,your water going in will stabilize then you feed,if you let it sit i can go down if you dig,im with your best bet is a drip system,maybe a cooled res to feed them threw the week,pretty much like a hydro system but tweeked to adapt to your health issues,it would still have to be checked daily for temps and swing of nute levels though
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