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what's up with my bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by STbaseball09, May 25, 2009.

  1. Got a pickup thursday night of some "headies" when i opened the bag it had a funny smell i just really cant explain the smell it looked really nice had halixes big resenous trichome glands but it didnt not get any of us high AT ALL??! could you guys help me out.....
  2. you got stiffed my man. sorry, people are scum sometimes.

  3. exactly what ithough but it is weed i know that for sure i dont understand?!!!
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    coulda been that fake weed you can buy on boardwalks and other places like that. Looks just like dank buds but does nothing at all.

    Pics would help alot.

    EDIT: This is what it looks like (Sometimes)

  5. i promise that its weed ive been smoking for about 5 years it gives me a bizz but just has a really weird taste and by the look of the bud it should do me a lot better than it does...the smell smells like....... an attic mixed wit hstrawberries kind of sweet its just weird.....
  6. maybe it's bud someone already used in a vaporizer?

  7. the trichs are visible it looks really dank im thinking it was stored away in a hot place for a while and lost potency maybe, but no it wasent vaped
  8. Pics would be very helpful for a thread like this...
  9. someone probably vaped it, or made some kinda oil/cooked with it. Some of the thicome heads are still there after making oil/cooking. Kinda scary how it looks the same.

  10. no way bud used to make oil looks the same.
  11. i would say you may have gotten vaped weed ive herd people doing this before this one kid i knew said he saved a hald O of vaped weed then sold it so it may be that
  12. possibly a transvestite plant? or maybe they did an extraction on it?
  13. i had a chance to talk to my dealer and he said it was stored in play-doh containers to be transferred to him....... lmao?? he told me to leave it out over night and i smoked it and it worked.....? wdf?
  14. It was just too fresh... needed drying/curing I bet. did the stems snap at first?
  15. Yeah too fresh. Weed does smell hella funny when it hasn't been dried.
  16. Definatly my roommate had to do the same thing a while back with some nuggs
  17. Would you equate that smell to spicy indian food? Has some really fresh mids this weekend that smelled like real spicy indian food and tasted the same, I loved the taste, was very strong and the only reason I could think mids has such a strong and clear taste is maybe it wasn't cured enough? Idk....

  18. that kid you kno is a scumbag and deserves to die:mad:
  19. #20 STbaseball09, May 26, 2009
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    yeah i think i'm all set buying from him lol. the stems did snap but you could tell they werent fully dry they had some resistance they almost smelled like.... wet dog with a "fruity" hint haha hard to explain but i guess you could relate that to indian food, not saying indian food is bad or anyhting i enjoy it :p

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