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What's up with kids these days?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nedsmaster, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, been a lurker here on grasscity forums for a while, just had a question I was curious about.

    I don't understand what it is about all these newbie smokers obsessing on spending as much money on weed as possible and attempting to smoke it all in one session. I'm constantly being asked why I'm not down to roll my eigth entirely into blunts and smoke it all in one day.

    Let me just say, I'm not opposed at all to blunts or getting super faded. All I'm saying is, weed costs money (obviously), and I don't understand the obsession that novice smokers seem to have. It's like they want to outsmoke everyone.

    My question to you all is, is there a threshold that you experience when a certain point of weed consumption no longer makes a noticeable difference?

    This is coming from a guy that has been smoking for years, eating edibles, smoking hash oil, has a medical marijuana card in California, and buys the dankest. I don't understand. I'm all for smoking but why the waste of weed? I take a .2 snap out of my bong and I'm faded for hours. Why are some of friends that are new to smoking constantly trying to get money to roll 1.3 gram blunts for every session?

    Opinions welcome, from "seasoned tokers."
  2. it seems here on grasscity, if you can out smoke every one, thats a great accomplishment lol

    for me the max i roll is .5g and im hi for hours, and thats how id like to keep it.
    your brain can only respond to a certain amount of thc, if you ingest more than that, its a waste. your brain wont even acknowlege its there, so its pretty much a waste, unless your doing it to get light headed, or to impress a chick:D
  3. when i started i used to conserve, now i just smoke how much i want, which is generally more then other people. Ill be sitting with a group of friends smoking and if everyones chillin ill just ilch on the bong taking rip after rip until someone wants a cone
  4. I don't really think it's just these days - back in "my day" this being the 90's, there was people who smoked with friends, then there was people that smoked with smoking friends.
    Those that smoked with smoking friends and shared purchase, it was treated as though they "had to" keep the rotation until it was all gone.
    I've personally never been into this...and have always kept it moderate.

    I think so. I'm not sure what mine is anymore as I don't actively try to attain it.
    Though yes I remember getting to a point numerous times where the only further effect I would get was more fatigue, and a longer duration of the same level stone.

    Well I'd call myself something of a seasoned non-obsessional toker.
    Though I think the question you're asking should be aimed at both the experienced and the group you're largely referring to.
  5. To each their own? Personally, .2 wouldn't even effect me and I don't even have a medical card. I smoke heavily everyday and usually only take dabs. I think that some people just want to do it because it's lavish and it makes them feel important. I don't know why all these threads complaining about other smokers thrive. You shouldn't bother yourself with the way other people consume their substances because maybe I want to roll a 2 gram joint because I just finished a micro grow and am celebrating.
  6. when i hang with friends blunts are what we do cause we just pass like 2 around and everyones koo, also i get free dank so i can just roll the fattest blunts like over an 8th for no reason, it just matters on who you are really. ill take mad bong snaps over a blunt though pack little bowls and pull all that milk and you get mad higher than a blunt
  7. Not everyone is blessed to have that medical dank so it takes more to get fucked up

    And my tolerance is sky high, it sucks
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    I've been thinking about this lately. Maybe it's because I smoke bowls regularly, but a bowl of dank has me good for hours.

    Those people that always wanna smoke 2g blunts and such, bulid up their tolerance at a much quicker rate. I've smoked bowls with people before, who claimed they were not high at all.

    To me it'd make more sense to smoke less to achieve the same high, it'd also save money. But some people just like a lot of weed at once, while others just want to look cool.
  9. I'm a seasoned toker, and have probably smoked weed in almost every conceivable way. I usually toke one to 2 times daily and on bad days or days off from work I throw a small 3rd session in. That however is usually a J, bong - bowl back, or regular bowl pack split between two people always. My roommate and I smoke together most of the time. So I can't really explain that one either...why would you want to waste the weed. The only reason I end up smoking more than usual is because I don't get the best bud in the world right now, but I've been smoking these cheaper mids with my roommate for over a year now and we always get toasted after a little while the high just doesn't last as long as the good-good. So that could be my only theory, if they are used to potent weed and then end up getting lower-grade stuff so they want to smoke a lot more. Which null and voids this since you already said you buy dank.
  10. Maybe they like to get real baked? Theres also a thing called tolerance
  11. or they're getting shit weed. a nice bowl of dank is plenty for me. if i really want to get messed up i'l smoke 2 or 3 but generally 1 bowl is plenty. i think most of the kids smoking so much arnt getting the good stuff. not saying that about everybody who smokes a lot. just an observation

  12. how would you know, you just joined
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    either way, if you can outsmoke everyone here, thats fuckin crazy, no need to front someone out.

    anyways, i think if youd listen to the radio you would understand. its "cool" to smoke weed nowadays, and of course, more than anyone else. most young people go by what they see and hear. so dumb. id like to blame it on wiz khalifa, but for the susceptible young minds of our youth, noone is to blame. they are simply products of their environment. pretty unfortunate.
  14. Hate to blame the media, but it's probably because of rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne being mainstream and influencing the youth. Just my opinion and feel free to slam me lol
  15. Some people like the experience of smoking and only taking 1 small ass hit out of a bong just doesn't do it for them. I don't know why you care how othe people smoke up though.
  16. as op stated, the thread is about "kids these days" that abuse the fuck out of marijuana, solely for the sake of abusing marijuana. the only reason i care is because its leading to a generation of fried out droolers. cant have that.

  17. This. It is pure abuse, it gives the rest of us a bad name and is going to lead to a generation of burnouts. There is nothing wrong with recreational use, to an extent. There's no need to go out and smoke as much weed as you can at all times.
  18. I'm always down to conserve my bud lol. If evrryones throwing down for a massive smokeout, sure I might throw an eighth, but that doesn't usually happen. Id rather use my personal chillum to conserve weed. One bowl pack gives me a nice buzz.
    My tolerance is shit though.
  19. Mainstream rappers promoting it or they just want to feel cool

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