What's up with her?

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  1. Hey guys so there was a point I was pulling this plant out to make it flower while the rest of my tent was still in veg. It's been about 2 months or so since I started moving her.
    She didn't really fatten up, I think it might have been because there was 2 weeks of high heat? But now that I have it cooled off she is throwing out white hairs like crazy!
    Just looking for some input on what went wrong? The rest of the crop looks happy and healthy.

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    Thanks for any help.
  2. I don't know what went wrong but what I do know is someone's gonna have a happy harvest :)
  3. lookin good...dark green leaves nice buds...just let her do her thing..once more lookin niceeeeee....
  4. Its the trippy plant! I am subbed to this cuz I would also like to know what happened since its so messed up.
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    She has been in flower for so long though and isn't that dense.
    Thanks for the compliments, I've felt like I fucked it up this whole time. I'll keep posting pics of when she changes.
    Thanks again.

    Decided if she doesn't turn out that great I'll contribute her to medibles :)
  6. Pulled her out of the tent tonight. I think she's done. I need the room too. The plant doesn't look like she's ready, but trichs are about 20% Amber, 80% cloudy.

    Guess we'll see...
  7. Ill try some with ya

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