what's up with everyone smoking . I rather drink =]

Discussion in 'General' started by Kartoonkalah, May 11, 2011.

  1. Idk why everybody soo high on smoking I rather drink . Fuk a splif gimme the liquor , agree or disagree people and why ? ( & no I'm not a alcoholic I drink occasionally just being silly )
  2. Have fun with being sick the next morning. I don't think I've ever thrown up due to weed.
  3. Bio-destructive liquid that causes more harm than good vs bio-progressive plant that does more good than harm, if any harm via certain modes of consuming.....

    and, people like what they like hahahahha
  4. what he said . buds just better :smoke:
  5. I used to be 100% about the weed, fuck alcohol.

    These days I almost never smoke and drink daily, fuck alcohol.

    Shit's poison. I'm not saying it can't be fun but stay away from it if you can.
  6. Wooow first off I'm not talking bout beer I'm talking bout wine n fruity alcoholic drinks. N I don't get drunk unlike some people that don't know their limit to drinkin or smoking..
  7. dude ur in a weed forum..what kind of response do you want? here ill give the generic.

    alcohols alright but usually fucking nasty...makes you sick and stupid.

    ive yet to see two people relentlessly fighting cause they have had too much weed. ive never seen a guy hit a girl cause hes been smoking. ive never seen someone cheat on someone cause they smoked too much.

    end mini rant

  8. If you are using in moderation there really isnt an issue then is there....... lol

    Not sure what your point was really? If your referring to this "limit" you must keep in mind, the "limit" some people have on smoking is endless, while everyone has a very definite limit on the alcohol they can consume.... I dont know anyone who can say "oh man i smoked so much i couldnt even stand, thought my friend was robbing me and broke his nose, then i shit my pants and cheated on my gf with some slut i dont know", but im sure i could get a long list of people who could say some of those things about drinking lol
  9. hes obviously a troll guys
  10. silly girl..

    stick to weed.

    and bad troll job by the way
  11. idk why but this made me literally lol
  12. Fuck liqour, I'd rather sit in my room and hit bong than scarf down that Russian poison.
  13. say goodbye to your liver (and possibly life?) for me
  14. s'all about balance and personal preference, have a drink buddy i'll have a smoke and drink ..cheers
  15. If I had a bottle of vodka right next to me I probably wouldn't touch it.

    Just not my shit, I'll stick to the herb.
  16. I dont mind doing both lol but bud is way easier on my system and no hangover.
  17. Lol

    This is grasscity not alcoholics anonymous, bitch

    but for real I love drinking as well but prefer smoking
  18. Youre on grasscity. Of course they are going to prefer weed over everything

  19. Let's not get carried away now :p
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