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whats up wit the blunt hate ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420dopeaf, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. So ive been part of the city for a while and i see alot of blades hate blunts they act as if there the worst way to smoke your weed. i even saw someone go as far to say that "blunts are worse then cigarettes" o_O wtf ? lol i for one love blunts i know how to roll so it doesnt ruin the taste of the bud, depending on the blunt you use they burn really slow,flavored blunts taste good af lol,blunts hardly canoe oh yeah and they get you Really high. So im pretty lost whats up with the blunt hate man ? i need some thoughts and opinions. lol cause im baffeld on why theres so much B hate
  2. It wastes a lot of grass man.
  3. Because anytime I smoke a blunt I feel like my lungs are I quit cigs so I'd rather just have no tobacco at all in my lungs. Oh and yes they do waste alota bud man
  4. a blunt is one of my main tools. and its legal to have and a lot easyer to hide than glass. they also burn slow and can get a group of 5 high if you no how to roll
  5. Why would you want to mix tobacco with your green? Especially a flavored wrap your just smoking a bunch of chemicals.
  6. [quote name='"cripin210Tx"']a blunt is one of my main tools. and its legal to have and a lot easyer to hide than glass. they also burn slow and can get a group of 5 high if you no how to roll[/quote]

    lol thats what im saying
  7. I like how blunts and give you flavors like grape and stuff. But I also enjoy smoking any other way like joints and pipes, I'm not picky I just enjoy smoking bud.
  8. I dont even like joints too much but i would much rather smoke a joint then a blunt.. And with a joint you can easilly get rid of it the same as a blunt.
  9. [quote name='"TheCrunge"']It wastes a lot of grass man.[/quote]

    joints do to ! lol
  10. [quote name='"420dopeaf"']

    joints do to ! lol[/quote]

    Joints waste half as much as Blunts.

    I usually use a half gram in my joints. Blunts take more than a gram.
  11. I roll like .3 in a j, and I'm baked. Cant do that with a blunt

    Blunts taste bad IMO
    They have tobacco, and I dont want cancer
    They wont get you nearly as high as a bong
    If you think about it, its sorta gross passing around a blunt thats been drenched in spit
    They smell a whole lot more if you need to be stealthy
  12. And if you smoke about 5 blunts it would cost more than buying a $10 spoon that would last you for years
  13. #13 cball, Aug 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2012
    I'll chime in with this...

    A BLUNT is a big fat cigar emptied out and filled with a few grams of herb, 3-7 grams of herb...not something the noob kiddies can handle. This is the rare instance of me smoking tobacco and enjoying it...a big fat 5 gram of herbal goodness blunt shared between 2-4 people for a half hour...ya, that's the stuff;).

    These little wussy blunt-wrap joints are just tobacco rolling paper joints...not blunts.:cool:

    ...all you kiddies can smoke the little "tobacco wrapper" joints with .1-.5 grams of herb in them all you want..but those are not 'blunts':p me...thinking the rolling paper skinny things are blunts is like saying you got laid when all you did was touch her titties through her shirt...:rolleyes:
  14. [quote name='"TheCrunge"']

    Joints waste half as much as Blunts.

    I usually use a half gram in my joints. Blunts take more than a gram.[/quote]

    blunts dont take a whole gram thats outrageous, you could roll a dime bag in a blunt and be just fine you just dont know how to stretch your weed .
  15. i fucks with blunts. Ive learned though to not roll blunts with dank weed cause its a waster. Unless its a special occasion. But i smoke my mids with blunts. Rollin and smokin is the way to go.

  16. ^^ I dont think that makes sense lol
  17. i smoke blunts... Id really like to try the ones fuckin Cballs talkin about lol, But unfortunately im one'a the kiddies who uses the normal rellos lol. I dont smoke blunts often tho, im more of a joint guy... But blunts are good for 3-5 heads.
  18. Blunts are alright, but they take a lot of weed. Most people on here are anti tobacco, which is why they are anti-blunt, they don't like cancer.

  19. Uhm a dime bag is a gram. Also if your smoking anything under that in a wrap, your smoking more paper then weed.
  20. I blame a lot of the blunt hate on Wiz Khalifa's dumb ass. He can't put out one song without talking shit about blunts and kids eat that shit up.

    My personal opinion is that yeah, they waste a lot of weed and the wraps probably aren't good for you, but I still love to puff on a fat blunt time to time.

    Also like t-fizz said if there's gonna be a lot of heads, blunts are the way to go

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