Whats up tonight?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Barnkis, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Sup tonight boys and gals?

    I'm rolling Balls XD
  2. OMG!! Where have you been? Check out my pickup thread to see what im on. 100mg of OC baby!
  3. Tonight nothing, but on Monday I should have some nice cid to appreciate. :D can't bloody wait though, i've literally been thinking of ways to make time go by faster.
  4. What kind of rolls are you on?
  5. Been busy man, postin as much as I can :p

    I'm on MDMA and red buddhas (MDxx)
  6. awzome, people on drugs; i ate some acid and adderall a couple hours ago. sitting here playing a djembe along to some tunes. thinking up some beats to go along with Moby Dick. i duno, whats up with you all??
  7. IM peaked and im fucked up lol.
    Good vibes city!
  8. i was starting to trip out and then there were cops all around and shit, people on horses and dogs running around. it was crazy
  9. I'm noddin and drinkin a few bud lights:)
  10. WHos GEtting FUcked UP?!
  11. my cholesterol is up pretty high tonight

    How painful is it to snort 2C-B or 2C-I? Thanks!
  13. Hah. Snorting 2c-b was like snorting nails for me

  14. Ooga booga. This was my first thing I've ever snorted. Hello 40mg trip!

    Wasn't that bad.
  15. Did you just rail it? are you like crying? i will NEVER snort an RC ever again.
  16. Its the worst fuckin thing to snort man, fuck it.

    It's like shards of glass haha
  17. DUDE! Lonnnnnng fuckin time no talk, get on aim if you wanna man, ill be up a lil bit tonight. Sadly sober, well somewhat, still feelin the 80mgs of hydro i had earlier, no apap baby awww yeah.

  18. Hehehee. Down the hole we go. How long until I start feeling this shit? First time with 2C-B.
  19. Pretty fast dude.
    It'll be really gradual but then smack you right in the face hahaha

    how you feelin now?
  20. Been about 5 minutes. Starting to feel it, just a little dizzy. I sneezed after snorting half a line like 10 seconds later, did I just waste it all?

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