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  1. Hey guys, I've been smoking for a good 5 years now...i've probably smoked out of over 500 pieces, but just bought my first bong a couple weeks ago (ill post pics later)

    Anywho, shout-out to anyone else from Ottawa, Can.

    Ill also take this time to post a couple pics of my bud
    I pay $40 canadian for a 1/4oz
    $70 for a 1/2
    about$500 a QP

    ...with out further adieu...

    ^that is not v bid up

    Can Anyone Name This Weed??
  2. Hey man!

    I'm living Ottawa.

    I usually get 1/2 oz for 90$, last me a couple of weeks. Smoke almost daily, but this week my dealer is MIA, so I've been sober since last w-e. .....*sigh*...

    Nice buds man! Keep on toking!
  3. I'm from sask and I swear that looks like the same weed in the oz I just bought. Didn't tell me the name but could it be Juicy Fruit?

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