Whats up stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by nushaganazad, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. So who else is in for the long haul being bored and playing on the net for the next 8 hours :devious:
  2. me:(

    No bud, very little booze left, can't sleep:(
  3. Yep, no bud since Dec. 23rd. I quit drinking, so nothing there. I'm starting to sleep easier. Sucked for awhile...waking up in cold sweats, tossing all night, just laying there for hours.

    But, I've been addicted to COD4 for the PC, so it helps pass the time.

    Man...can't wait for Amsterdam. :)
  4. I wish.

    Havent had a day off work since christmas, And not for i think 9 days before that.
  5. i know the feelings, i have a j left thats it

    when are you going there? im jealus

    what do you do?
  6. Heading there in March for 2 weeks. Can't wait.

    I'm trying to toke as little as possible, let that tolerance go down (I'm used to regs anyway), so when I first step off that plan...take that train to the city, and smoke a fatty rip of hash. :)
  7. thats awesome
  8. Are there any specific shops you want to go to, or are you gonna wander aimlessly in the haze of haze??:cool:
  9. I've been reading AK's thread on it. Probably gonna hit a few of those shops up. But, in my true fashion, I'll just wander.

    Hell, I've wandered the Outback's desert and met a chill hippie with some amazing hash. Just goes to show that its when you're not looking you'll find everything. :)
  10. Damn I gotta get a PS3 and play some COD4 sounds amazing.

    But shelling out 399 sucks:eek:

    Watching some old cartoons like batman. Man batman is one of the sickest heroes.;)
  11. thats why the 360 owns it
  12. True that, the 360 is my best friend, and ill probably be here for a while as well. :D
  13. I just play on the Computer. I was never great with Console FPS. Always liked the feel of the mouse.
  14. i think its possible to be much better at computer gaming, but i think the system versions are more fun and more relaxing, when i was a big CS player my back would start to hurt from the way i would sit and just zone into the moniter 6 inches frmo my face lol.

    now i lay in bed and rock on on gh or halo3, or forza, or madden, maybe nba. idk i like all the games
  15. I would rather play on the comp, but I don't have a gaming rig atm and I don't wanna shell out 700-1000 for one:p.

    I got 2 laptops

    1 server

    laptops don't have enough power to run modern games at a decent FPS:(

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