whats up guys.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Relieved, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys whats going down I'm from Texas but i moved now I'm in Washington.My favorite strains of weed are Sour Diesel, MTF, and O.G kush I know alot of peoples strains are those I'm not trying to sound like i jock off people those are just the most potent buds I've smoked i wish to receive my Medicinal cannabis card.And find more strains to add to my favs.:smoke:
  2. ahhhh

    sour diesel yum! my favorite strain, just smoked some of it actually.

    welcome to GC!
  3. Thanks for the welcome I'm liking G.C so far. Can't wait to meet new people. And talk about new strains.
  4. Welcome! I'm a huge fan of Sour D and O.G. Kush myself! I also like blackberry kush a LOT ^.^ G.C. is awesome, Enjoy it here :)
  5. Hey dude, I did try that one and it feels good!
  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone how have y'all been.

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