Whats up for you this Labor Day weekend?!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. Just wondering how you all are gonna spend this fine weekend to party your ass off!?!
  2. I was going to spend it home on the ranch but some friends (really his in-laws) have a place at the beach. So we are heading to the beach to get drunk, sneak around behind their backs to toke and watch them feud and fight all weekend long. I told him when he asked that we would go on two conditions: they wouldn't get into a wild screaming/throwing shit/punching fight and me and my wife are not into swinging. He didn't appreciate my joke about swinging.

    Well, at least I'm not having to spend any money.
  3. BoomsDay in Knoxville, baby!!!!

    The first game of the season is Saturday and then we really celebrate Labor Day with BoomsDay that has more fireworks than the 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the biggest single-day event in TN that's been turned into 2 days this year and we have the biggest fireworks show in the Southeast US!!! So with that and the game, I am going to have a freakin' blast.

    I hope everybody has a great weekend, no matter where you are or what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Psst, Poppa? Are ya'll really not into swinging?

  4. well my gf and i are planning a barbeque at her house.......all my friends are movin back sunday so i figured wed throw some type of barbeque and then later on im sure therell be some drinkin and what not
  5. Well, all my friends are coming in and we are having a 2 day smoke out with large quantities of alcohol. Some of these people, I havent seen in about a year so I look forward to it. I just hope nothing gets set on fire this year. I really dont want to deal with the fire department while I'm drunk and stoned off my ass. And I pray that all my furniture stays intact throughout the weekend. But I guess mishaps occur when you give rednecks large quantities of alcohol. LOL.

    But no matter where everyone is..........I do hope u all have a good and safe weekend.

  6. Our swinging is limited to pushing the kids at the playground and whittling away the time watching the sun go down from the back porch. ;)

    Now what about YOU!

  7. Work. I work sucks

  8. :( IceCreamKidd :( this bowl's for you and so will be quite a few this weekend.

    me? bud aplenty, an arts festival, my uncle's comin into town, and i'm just happy to have not much else to do :D
  9. Pokin Smot.

    Maybe a little swimmin if it gets to ugly hot.

    But mostly pokin smot.

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