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Whats up everybody in gcity....Carolina in the house

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jrelax, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. How's everybody doin? Hope you guys are chiefin on some fire. Goodnews: nc might be gettin medical marijuana. It has already been introduced on feb 7th,2013. Just want to thank all the growers for their efforts and products. Have a good day
  2. i don't think NC will get MM. they've introduced legislation in many states, most of the time it just gets shut down in the lower committees. That's what has happened both times Idaho has done anything with it. Good to have you though man!
  3. Yea... There's not enough support here. Ohwell. Stay chiefin guys
  4. Smoking some 30-40%thc hash from pakistan or morroco, I know its this strong as it was from the dam and it had been tested in the cannabis cup.

    I kid you not I had 3 puffs on a small joint at 3pm and I am still stoned out my head at 7pm now, great smoke.

    Enjoy the city, explore a little its a big place, sure we will bump into each other again some day

  5.'d you get it? Gotta try it. Is there a particular brand to this hash? I'm always down on that pursuit of higherness. Stay chiefin
  6. Good to see someone else from the Carolinas on here!

    I think the legislation will come here eventually, but prob still a few years away. Let's just keep buggin our reps to keep re-introducing it. Persistence overcomes resistance!!
  7. There's not enough support.

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