What's up blades, It's been a minute.

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    Most regulars probably don't remember me and hello to new members who have joined while i've been gone. A lot has happened between college, work, fixing my 240sx, coding/moderating a streaming anime site and I was spooking a little after I might have said a little too much about my farm. Now that there paranoia is gone I'm back for good.

    I could bitch and moan about the things that i''ve done and that have happened to me while I was gone but maybe i'll but some of the better stories in the story telling section.

    Harvest coming up in 2 more months, more seeds coming in, federal grant money being refunded, couldn't be happier.

    Anyways, I hope the City is the same as when I left, but heres some nug shots, and maybe a milker if I can figure out a way of taking a picture while i hit the bong.


    Still trying to figure out how to take a milk shot

    EDIT: Pics didnt resize, waaaaay to big to embed, i'll resize them when i get time
  2. looks like nice weed welcome back

  3. We got another one coming home. :wave:
  4. hey!
    im on and off anyway. glad to see you back brotha.
  5. Welcome back dood.
  6. Welcome back, Vicious!
    niiice pictures :smoke:
  7. Welcome back indeed!
  8. I have seen your post. You might remember me.

    Welcome Back regardless.
  9. welcome back man good to see you!
  10. that weed looks delicious.
  11. welcome back duder

    you may not know me.. but i know you :hide:
  12. good to see you again Vicious
  13. Was wondering where you disappeared to. Welcome Back, man.
  14. Welcome back :)
  15. Hey man! Good to have you back
  16. Arghhhhh! I was about to try and join some of you in the gaming section but i JUST got the red ring, pack one for me. But I got some percs and xans to cheer me up.
  17. Welcome back homie, Im on them PK's right now myself.
  18. good seeing you too man, I'm so pumped you're all still around.
  19. Welcome back.

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