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  1. In my neck of the woods slot of folks use hoop houses to keep the buds from getting rained on or blown to smithereens.  In mine I can't seem to bring the temp down below 90.  Is that hot enough to slow growth or is it a myth? 

  2. Are they in grow pots or in the ground. In grow pots hotter temps can slow down growth depending on how much soil they have to insulate the roots from heat.
  3. Six are in the ground. The others are hanging out for now.
  4. In the ground growth wont slow down nearly as much then if they were in small grow pots. Keep them well watered on hot days heat stress can also slow down growth if the plant doesn't have enough water to handle it well.
  5. Right on.  when I first put the plastic on it was120 almost instantly. I gotta get a handle on this thing. I did the math and the big holes are right around 200 gallons. It gonna take hours to water
  6. Its gets hot here in the Sac area in the summer and as long as their well watered and lots of soil to insulate the roots from heat they can handle it quite well.
  7. makes good sense. isn't it hard to overwater when there in ground?
  8. Hoop house = greenhouse yes?

    If so it is less about heat, and more about air exchange.

    The hotter and higher the humidity gets the faster you want full air exchange(the time it takes to replace all the air inside of space)
  9. Just like in a pot if your soil in the ground doesn't have good drainage you can still over water.
  10. Summer time. Why not take the plastic off unless you are doing a light depo
  11. I believe that photosynthisis (sp?) slows down at 90 degrees and stops at 105 degrees. It won't kill your plant, but it will make a sativa have "fluffier buds". Indicas, on the other hand, seems to do quite well in the heat. Good luck!!
  12. I get full all day Sun but in return get a steady kickass north wind that is relentless. Also at night it's chilly as fuck.   I have a few outside in spots out of the wind.

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