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    Dude really... that looks nothing like my pics.. you can clearly see yours is new growth as you only have a main cola growing and your 2 side buds havent popped there yet.. in mine you can clearly see the leaves and the side buds have already grown and there is lil balls upfront.. maybe you should do a lil more research yourself before you start pointing fingers at me and everyone else.. and my PM wasnt in anyway "butthurt" as you called it.. ( im not familiar with that term do you get that way alot?) ive figured out what lil i do know by scowering GC and the internet and working on my plants to make them the best they can be.. i didnt appreciate the remarks you made towards me in the beginning about how did i get this far without knowing such and such.. i got this far by figuring shit out for myself and the guys here at GC.. just because i didnt know some small detail means i dont know how to grow ? i think not.. I bid you a good day sir....
  2. im going to assume this is a male also...

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  3. im assuming male ?

    sorry my camera sucks today

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  4. Anyone ?

  5. I'm going to agree with xDisciple. It does look like a male, especially in the 2nd photos you posted.
  6. You mean the new ones I posted ?
  7. I think those are male for sure. Pollen sacks growing right there bro. Let em grow (somewhere else not by female plants) and if ya want take a female and put it in that room. And then I believe you cross bred your own. But idk might be more intricate in detail tho. But me ill toss em.
  8. Can I press them.. I mean I dont think there is thc right ?.. also I grow inside.. wouldnt there be a huge chance of that male ruining my garden..?
  9. Yea might just gotta be carful. Them sacks will open up and then it's pollen will be ready. Real dusty. Like baby powder. That dust can be on clothes, skin, shoes. Pretty much everything. Toss it bro wait til weather outside better do you can keep it out there.

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