Whats this white stuff? (Pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hextacy, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. This is my 9 day old plant. What are these strange whitish deposits on its leaves. is that from the water im feeding it? i tested it and its in the right Ph range. should i just go buy some distilled water? also, are my leaves drooping or am i being paranoid cause of the white stuff?



  2. I have no idea. What kind of lights are you using?

    Try misting the plant with just water to see if it washes off. They don't look bad. Stem looks a bit weak which is why I asked about your light. Got a fan on it?

    Doesn't really look like anything you should worry about. But that's just me.
  3. Im using x6 23w cfls (6400kelvin i think...blanking on the kelvin rating..)

    i do mist it and thats why i was wondering if it was in the water.

    I have a fan that blows in the room to circulate, but not directly at it. should i make the fan face the plan? i dont have an oscillating fan is the problem.
  4. Just let it grow man, it will most likely be fine if the pH and lighting are fine. The whiteness on the leaves could possible be the water you are using but I have never seen that before..
  5. Looks fine.
  6. Well, i believe i found out my problem. for some reason, my brand new spray bottle what i washed out multiple times first, had a strange lemonish taste to it. was really weird. rinsed it out another 5 times or so and its gone....maybe thats whats causing the white stuff.....but i dunno...the Ph was fine...
  7. why were you tasting your spray bottle? :smoking:
  8. I also saw some white residue on some leaves.......dont know what it was but i just licked my finger and cleaned it off. :smoking:

    edit: you will be fine lol

  9. good to hear :hello: ive noticed they have gone away with watering so i guess it was just some stuff that settled on top.
  10. Get a fan on it now.;)
  11. i have a fan blowing in the room but it doesnt oscillate so it only gets an indirect breeze. should i get one that will oscillate ?
  12. Any fan which shakes the plant with steady movement will strengthen the stem and replace the o2 produced by the plant by Co2 in the room helping the plant use the light and grow faster.
  13. You can get that fan on it directly, just don't put it 2" away from the plants :p

    Really you're just being overly cautious, which isn't a bad thing. But as it was said. Just let it grow =D

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