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What's this stuff in my weed??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hannahanarchy, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I picked up an eighth yesterday and some of the buds don't look like weed at all - they look like balls of fluff or cotton or something. When I pulled it apart it was like it was made of loads of tiny little hairs (like a ball of fluff) also It was a different colour to the real buds. We smoked some and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I'm curious as to what that stuff was. My friend thought it was just crumbly cause it was really dry and had gone all crumbly but I'm not sure if that's the case. Anyone else had anything like this? I'll try and get hold of a camera so you can see pics.
  2. By the way i've been smokin everyday for about a year so I'm not really new to it. I couldn't see the weed to examine before I left the dealers house so I smelt it and it smelt good.
  3. If you can get us a picture I'm sure we'd all be more than happy to tell you what it is or do our best to try. From your description though, it could sadly be large balls of cottony mold. I've heard from my experiences that mold on weed looks like cotton :/
  4. honestly dude it sounds like some spice to me (legal herb) but then agian i wouldnt know unless i seen a pic
  5. YOUR WEEDS LACED!!!! omgz
  6. un picture por favor
  7. Most likely mold haha
  8. yeah we need a picture shorty. and zomg@ moldy weed. id be upset if i wasted my money on molded weed :/
  9. Sounds like spice. It's not common, and it's not cheaper to lace weed with spice, but I've seen it done before. It's possible your dealer tried to make the weight of an 1/8th by stuffing a little spice into it.

    Otherwise, mold is a possibility.
  10. From the sound of it, it doesn't sound good.:( w/o a pic, theres no way my mind could come up with anything.
  11. Ok I tried to take some pics but they came out really blurred.

    It just looks like a weird green fluff. Also my throat has felt a bit weird and sore since I smoked it. What is the spice high like? This sucks cos it means I need a new dealer :(

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  12. Why doesn't anyone have a camera anymore? Phones aren't meant to be cameras, dammit!
  13. thats definitely that legal shiz thats all the rage now -.-
  14. BTW, that "thats definitely that legal shiz thats all the rage now -.- ". If it IS that stuff BEWARE!!! I've heard/read lots about this stuff.(just since this has happened) all the yays and nays...I pretty much didn't have a concern either way when I heard people talk about it. Then...Get a call last night from my best friend and her daughter is in the Hospital from smoking the stuff! She's been in I.C.U. for 5 days now. She is only just now coming around, and they think she may....Take that back, they don't know HOW BAD the brain damage is yet, since she's just now starting to speak. And there are a few other bad complications, that's just the worse as far as they know right now...So if that is what your being given...Be careful! I'm not here to put the stuff down for all you who Love it...Im just stating the facts.

  15. So she got high and crashed into a telephone pole?
  16., the herbs used are actually not "supposed" to be inhaled...thats funny too right? it was a bad combo of the herbs in the burn, like bleach and ammonia. it caused a reaction in her lungs when she inhaled and she asphixiated (Spelled wrong, sorry).They don't know how long she was without oxygen, so not sure of the amount of brain dmg. yet
  17. Yep. I heard about all the other crazy teens who were smoking spice who "asphixiated" because of an amonia and bleach type of reaction occured in their lungs.

    Don't be a troll dude. I hate spice, it's pretty much a fact that it's a super carcinogen, but you're full of shit.

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