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What's this site for?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dale600, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. honestly, what do you guys use this site for. So far I've found that I can't make friends, meet new people or just have an out right good time. But, I can however, talk about growing, post pick of my plants and my stash and talk about smoken buds. just curious about what this site is really does for people.

  2. uh well. when you grow pot... you can't tell anybody. so when you have questions, you have nowhere to turn in the real world... so ya come here.

    well thats why i came here. i'm sure theres a bunch of other reasons.
  3. It is a community of bud smokers that can sit back and relax from their lives and smoke a bowl.
  4. ^^these are exactly what gc is for.
    ive learned alot because of these forums
  5. exactly, your marijuana related questions get answered and there's a badass community to talk with when your bored.
  6. What about friends? I'm here for friends but every one ridicules me as soon as I post do you guys get by? I just want some buddies to share some good times with..

  7. I want to be your friend :smoking:

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  8. wtf?u sound like a sad little child, u ok? make some real friends this is the internet man who cares. all i know is grasscity is awesome

  9. Just chill man you can't meet people on here. How is it smart? How do you know I'm not a cop or how do I know you're not a cop? That's the only reason you got beef. People can't trust you and as soon as they see someone snooping for "people to smoke with" we run them off of GC because we assume they're police.

    This is just a website for resources really. Online friends, sure, but not real-world friends. Enjoy the site, perhaps grow some of your own delicious dankity-dank and enjoy the best news, grow-ops, and funny marijuana-related content on the web.
  10. The reason you're being ridiculed is because you are trying to use this site to meet people IRL... Which, let's face it... Isn't gonna happen when you haven't even made it to 10 posts yet (stoners are paranoid, ya'dig?).

    When your first few posts are all like 'Somebody be my friend..... I'm soooooo lonely', it makes you come across a little desperate.

    THEN, after no one wanted to hang out with you, after just a few posts, you go and say fuck grasscity...

    It's not GC's fault you don't have any friends. It's your own. Stop trying to blame everyone else because you're lonely.

    How about you try just kickin back and relaxing... There are a lot of cool people on this site... I've met quite a few of them, IRL... And some are now really good friends of mine... You can't expect everyone to be lining up to hang out with you after such a short time (also, this site isn't meant to be used for meeting up with people - read the rules).

    But to answer your question... I've learned a lot from my time here, and met a lot of really cool ass people. That's what I use GC for... Meeting/talking with like minded people.

  11. true that

    i don't see whats so hard to understand
  12. Helping out apprentices and learning more about wonderful marijuana.
  13. The way I see it... you're obviously too young to use a forum.
    When you mature, you'll learn how social life works.
    Mature even more and then, only then will you understand.
    Welcome to the internet my friend.

    You will always be ridiculed unless you can please everyone.
    Just don't be ignorant, think for yourself as KMK would say.
    Use GOOGLE.

    Accept the website, learn how to use it, give back to it... otherwise GTFO.
    What is this website for?

    Well... you signed up to make friends so go to MySpace.
    I and many others signed up for information surrounding Cannabis.

    Hence the URL ""

    The software used to run this website is called a FORUM SOFTWARE.
    This website is thus for communication about a certain topic or many.
    GrassCity happens to be about Cannabis.

    We discuss, via forums how to use and cultivate cannabis as well as general discussion about it.
  14. This dude made me sad.. I bet if your rep is red it's like being a fucking leper.

  15. couldnt have said it better, and glad ya posted this cause i really didnt wanna take the time :D

    in real life if ya went into some new group of ppl and said "anyone wanna be my friend, i toke but dont have any friends" they might smoke your bud but theyre not gonna be your friends. either way its sketchy as fuck
  16. It's a tool for learning and teaching others.
  17. I come here to answer questions, and to view the pictures.
  18. I use it as a masturbatory aid
  19. I've learned a lot from this forum, more and likely everything i've ever wondered has been asked 50 times over.
  20. You have 3 posts and you just joined this month and you haven't made any friends? Go figure.

    Be good to people and you'll make lots of friends here.

    Personally I came here to share my knowledge of the responsible growing and usage of cannabis.

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