whats this chick on??

Discussion in 'General' started by mrk195smokin, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. why would you post this? haha
  2. hahah wtf dumb ho
  3. crack for sure.. skank
  4. lol that bitches eyes are crazy.
  5. I think im gunna die in 7 days now...

    thanks a bunch
  6. I dont know... but i just busted out laughing at that vid... shes too funny.
  7. very creepy...haha

    that was a minute seventeen seconds i wasted..lol
  8. how the hell do you people find these videos
  9. looks like she touched a bit of the llello.
  10. I think shes naturally fucked up
  11. Man what kind of bullshit you got me watchin?

    I dont think shes on nothing.
  12. either shes just learned about cocaine, and havin one of those blow geek outs, or shes hittin meth...
  13. I don't think she's on anything either.

    I have some strange friends, that if you saw them acting out, you'd swear they were fiends.

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