What's the worst thing you've ever done? (warning, gruesome pic)

Discussion in 'General' started by xbelle, May 29, 2009.

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    I'd say probably dissecting a cat in my HS Anatomy & Physiology class. >_<


    Hahaha safety first.


    It was a pretty crazy experience. I got out of it in Biology because I'm vegetarian and I didn't want to, lol. They just made me write an essay. Anatomy was an elective science, and we spent WEEKS playing around with dead kitties. Do it or fail.

    Interesting, but it STUNK SO BAD. Like rotten flesh mixed with strong liquor.

    What about you? :]
  2. I'd hit it...

    the cat obviously.
  3. Who doesn't love pussy, seriously.
  4. especialy when its rotting ;)
  5. i prefer the pig fetus's
  6. Nah, it only smelled rotten. It was perserved in liquor because Formaldehyde is apparently too dangerous for high school students.

    Even better, eh?
  7. guh the frog I had to dissect was sickening enough. or maybe it was just the smell of formaldehyde either way. I personally disagree with dissection as an educational technique. I don't understand what can be gleaned from cutting open something physically over seeing pictures of it.

    I understand the need for that sort of thing for surgeons to practice before they go working on real people. Aside from that it feels to me to just be a pointless waste of lives
  8. Whoa. We never got to disect any cats when I was in school. I didn't even get to hack up a frog or anything. I feel left out. Damn it.
  9. it is. i mean really think about it. what are we learning from by dissecting a animal. not like we are gonna go out in public and go dissect shit. i can see the reason for it in med skool but high skool come on. same thing like with history. wtf do we need to learn about the great wall of china in america. anyways back to subjuct.

    the worst thing i prolly ever done was stab a person in the middle of a class room.
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    All cats deserve to live forever in peace. They're beautiful, adorable, fuzzy little balls of love.

    And I don't understand how everyone doesn't see that!
  11. so im guessing ur a dog person
  12. How'd you know?

    But seriously. Every one of them. Every. Last. Stinky from cat-poop and cat-vomit. One.
  13. well seeing how u hate cats with a burning passion i just thought ud prolly be a dog person.
  14. Hahaha.

    OldSkoolGrower negrepped me for being over the top.

    When I was 4 years old a cat clawed my face unprovoked and scratched my cornea, I had to wear an eyepatch for two weeks.

    Badassery of being a pirate aside, I hold grudges.
  15. lol yeah i can see how he neg repped u. but i see where ur coming from. hell i was attacked my 2 wroatwhillers and a black lab when i was a kid. and now im not scared of a dog.

    im also super high off this resin bwol i burrnig out of a mini bong. taste like nothing to. or my toung is just numb
  16. Whoa dang. Haha, to be completely honest I love animals and I felt a pang of guilt everytime I looked at it's little kitty face or little paws, but I was able to detach myself more than I expected over time. I did learn a lot, because there is only so much you can get from diagrams, especially when a lot of specific tiny organs and tissues are overlapping.

    xP I love learning about science and even history, but I hate math and thus Chemistry and Physics is hard for me.

    Kitties are adorable, even if elusive. There are terrors of every species, however.

    These were feral cats imported from Mexico.

  17. That's the way he works. Insert big ":rolleyes:" here. And e-peen.

    Dissecting a cat? We only got to dissect pig fetuses in our Anatomy class in HS. A cat would have been interesting. Yeah...a lot of people don't like the smell at all. I remember a decent amount of people having to take an alternate assignment instead of taking part is dissecting the fetus.
  18. Lol. This is funny to me. Ya, Dissecting a cat is kinda rough if you like cats (like me) but otherwise its no different than dissecting a pig or something. The grossest thing I ever did? I'm a funeral director. Sure you want to know?
  19. I dissected a cat in high school, it wasnt that bad. But what was bad was how Jeffrey Dahmers nephew went to my high school and was in my biology class, and he actually seemed to enjoy it wayy to much. I made a mental note to stay away from that devil spawn

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