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What's the worst that's happened to you when caught by parents?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Freakinfreak, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Thrown out? Weed flushed? Screamed at? Blanked?

    What's the worst that's happened to you? And before you all start going "ahh, you shouldn't smoke if you know they won't like it", yeah... we know, but still.

    Share! And peace :hello:
  2. Just got called a few names :p
    Nothin serious
  3. I got caught, she asked me why i was doing and was pretty disappointed in me. She asked me to stop and i said i will.

    But i haven't, just kept it on the dl:p :rolleyes:

    Nothing happened to my weed or anything though.
  4. Haha nothing! Dad caught me a couple years ago, just obviously threw it away and said not to again. I recently told my mom and she was chill lol.
  5. Nothing but im mexican so my family and grandparents have marijuana plants... they use it in rubbing alcohol and use that on aches and pains.. real old school. One of my uncles actually bought like a gram from me haha.
  6. My dad didn't talk to me for a few days. Worst. I'm such a daddy's girl and him and I have such a close bond, so it's the worst when he does that.

    Now he just turns a blind eye. My mom isn't as opposed to weed, and she explained to him that weed is why I'm off my antidepressants and anti anxiety meds and am a much calmer and more even with my emotions. So while he doesn't approve of my drug use, he approves that I'm in a better place because of it and as long as he can't smell it, he's fine.
  7. They were disappointed. Who could blame them though. They found out through a warrant notice
  8. Broke Stanley; my first pipe and had nearly a dime of some dank sativa flushed. :mad:
  9. Lol one of the worst ways to find out I guess :p

    My parents threw all my shit out including my double chambered bubbler :(

    Had a talk about it, they're still pretty anti-weed, but I think they sometimes turn a blind eye and ignore it.
  10. They took my pipe. Which they gave back a day later.

    nbd . :cool:
  11. Long talk

    Threw away:
    Awesome bong
    8th of DANK
    And more...:(
  12. What were everyone's consequences? Did they warn you about what they'd do if they found you smoking again?

    Sucks that they chucked your stuff :( feel glad I haven't got a pretty piece yet at least.
  13. This was the exact conversation I had with my mother when she found a nug of weed in my room during my adolescence:

    She asked "Why is there a piece of cannabis in your room?" My heart instantly leaped. I replied with a pathetic "I don't know."
    Somehow, the conversation went to further and she just carried on doing whatever she was doing in my room. To this day, I've never had any other issues regarding smoking weed, but my parents are oblivious to the fact that I smoke on a weekly basis.
  14. They found my jar with about 10g's of Blue Dream. I had a talk with them and they gave it back :hello:
  15. Loling. This chick is friggin crazy.
  16. Thankfully I haven't been caught, but I often wonder what would happen if I did. I would imagine they would get mad and throw it away, but that's it. Like, they wouldn't approve of me doing it, but they understand that weed's not as bad as say, drinking. I once mentioned California prop 19 just to test the waters and they said they supported it.
  17. When I got caught, My parents gave me a 3 hour plus talk saying how disapointed they were in me and all that other stuff. Then they procceded to flush my weed down the toilet. Then they took me to my highschool and told them I bought Herb from one of the kids there. I didnt rat out the kid but I still had to go to some "Information Classes" to learn about the dangers of drugs. Then I almost got shipped off to boot camp. Yep, my parents are crazy lol:hello:
  18. What are they going to do? Ground me?
  19. Haha, brilliant :D
    I'm just asking to seehow many people actyally could've been kicked out because of it :p
  20. Haven't been yet..*knocks on wood* I have like a little speech prepared for when I get caught, but who knows how that will go.

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