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Whats the worst that could happen

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ausmanwoah, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. If I'm 18, pick up a case of beer, bring it to the counter, and the cashier sees I'm not 21? I'm assuming nothing right? :cool:
  2. This is similar to going to buy beer and forgetting your I.D.

    The clerk asks you if your 21 and you say yes. Then they say could I see some I.D. and you just say that you don't have it with you.

    They either sell it to you (and risk their liqour license) or you just go on your way.

    Only the stre can get in trouble. I'm pretty sure there's no law against trying to buy anything underage.
  3. you suddenly have a heart attack, stroke, get the black plague........ shit all over yourself, and vomit on the cashier. At the same time.
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    Atleast I get raped first,

    & thanks Colt Classic, might have to try buying at a shady gas station :cool:
  5. Be overly friendly, make lots of eye contact, and act like you genuinely forgot your ID (look through several pockets and act suprised "oh, damn, I actually don't have it").

    Also, if you regularly go to the store, make sure it isn't the manager (least willing) or someone who regularly sees you and knows you aren't of age.
  6. In most civilizations it's the death penalty
  7. if he/she really wanted to he can hold you till the cops come.
    you can get in trouble for an attempt to buy alcohol

    risking revoked drivers license, ticket/jail time

    or you can go back to the car to get your licenses and drive away...
  8. it's called running. you got legs, use'em. if i'm not bound or restrained in any way i'm bookin it
  9. [ame=]YouTube - ‪McLovin Gets Punched‬‏[/ame]

  10. not to mention it is ILLEGAL for anyone who isn't a cop to detain you for any reason. Even if you shoplift, unless the store has a cop on hire they can not physically stop you from leaving. And even if there is a cop around, best thing to do is ask if you are being detained and the moment they say no BOOK IT. none of this will ever come up in attempting to buy alcohol underage of course. just go for it.
  11. I got pipes and such at a nearby smoke shop when I was as young as 16. It varies from place to place.

  12. What is a Citizen's Arrest?

    really now?
  13. Lol I remember when I was younger a friend tried something similar and when they asked how old he was he asked how old he looked.He got the stuff :cool:
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    Fair enough. It's just I've watched multiple friends walk out from stores and had friends been told on jobs to not try and detain people. I have a feeling either the laws are a bit more complicated than that, something about liability is going on, or maybe people in general, like me, don't know the laws :rolleyes: I've got no idea

    EDIT: ok after like minutes more of looking into it, looks like it depends on the state. So citizen's arrest is only legal in some states when it comes to crimes below a felony. That seems to make sense. Guess it just isn't legal in my state. Sorry for the misinformation and let me know if that's incorrect.

  15. There are a lot of liabilities in the matter. An employee at a store does not receive any real benefits aside from a pat on the back from an authoritative figure or boss. If I was an employee, I probably wouldn't do anything just in case there was some sort of risk I could run into. It isn't really my problem. If someone was robbing me, then I would probably do it.
    Hell, I had knew a 60 something year old man who tackled a robber and pinned him down after he snatched his wife's purse. Even that I probably would be hesitant to do. I'm not big on the hero thing. Most things I would let slide.
    And thanks for getting back to me, we both learned something as I was not entirely aware of the State to State thing. I had heard of it, but wasn't sure. I hardly even read my article, to be honest. I just looked for what piece of information I found necessary. Oops.
  16. Probably the worst that could happen is them telling you to put back the shit. I drink on occasion but when I need alcohol I hit up this 7/11 right by my boys house and they know him good, so I just grabbed 4 diff 4 lokos and stood in line. You should have seen peoples face when they sold us the alcohol without carding us, it's always funny. Were both 18 and used to buy legal at this place all the time, it's owned by a Muslim dude and two other people work there. That place is the shit!

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