Whats the worst shape looking plant you've brought back to health?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brown-bear, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Hey guys was wondering if any of you frequent growers have pics of plants in bad shape that you were able to bring back to life

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  2. FTW!!! This was a clone that I took in flower from a mystery bagseed plant I had. It was closer to the brink of death then any of my other plants. I'm not kidding. It survived this state and went on to make a mother plant along with more clones. I still have access to the strain. I call it mystery sativa. It was a 14 week flowering plant.

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  3. Ha just check out my first grow.... it started off rough all the plants at one point got completely fried.... I had got them all healthy one of which was 3 months old the other three were around 1.5 months old... all of em turned out male... so I murdered them in the night after nursing them to health... was a very depressing first grow and I guarantee you I would of quit if I had not of already bought me an LED light two weeks prior after upgrading from CFL... bought fem feeds and started over... that one plant was a monster though realistically I doubt I had the room for it if it would of turned out female. However on my second grow the fem seeds I bought didn't germinate (they were the cheapest seeds on the site).... I really don't blame myself as I usually have no problem germinating seeds... the freebie fem sprouted just fine though...

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  4. Sir,you just WON this thread!!!
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  5. Check my first grow if it's still available. I'm on mobile and haven't been active lately and am dumb. I basically fried it down to a nub in the first week with some homemade neem oil spray. Ended up pulling an oz under 200w CFL.

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  6. Found it:
    Mr. Meaner's First Grow

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  7. Had a 4 foot plant that had a 2 inch split at the Y part of the main stem after trying to do some LST. I didn't realize the split until the next night when the plant was looking bad. All of the leaves were completely straight down. I took some gardening tape and tried to tape the stem back together. I kept misting the plant twice a day trying to keep the leaves alive, lost a good portion of leaves as the days went by starting from the bottom. 5 days went by and it still looked like it was on it's way out. Went out and bought some zip ties and really got the stem straight so the split wasn't showing. A few hours later, the leaves stated springing back up, and the plant completely bounced back.

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